Kevin's Fan

Kevin's Fan

So on Monday Kevin got his small fan that he had wanted for the office, so good old Amazon came in handy again. Of course we all had to have numerous demonstrations of Kevin’s Fan – to see how it blew along with the different settings, a slight breeze, a stronger one and then one that blew you off your feet. He never shut up about the blooming thing and then later on that evening when he decided to order one to clip on his computer, we did wonder if he was going to stop at two!

The bigger one that they keep in the office has been brought upstairs while it has been so hot for the dogs (we can swelter of course) as with Koko’s heart problems the heat can soon make him feel worse. Luckily the dogs sit near to me so I do get the benefit of the cold draught, lucky me!

Kevin’s Fan No 2…

Back on Amazon he went and lo and behold Kevin’s fan no 2 turned up the next day. You would have thought it was Christmas when the parcel came. There Kevin was slashing away at the sellotape to see what was what. The fan itself was a lot smaller than the one the day before and black with a good clip so that you can clip it to anything. It’s rechargeable with a usb connection so you can plug it into the power or your computer. Jane took it to the Rossall Beach meeting yesterday as she usually gets too warm.

As it arrived at lunchtime, we were sat on the balcony having five minutes when he appeared with his ‘treasure’ in his hands, aiming the fan at Jane who was enjoying the warmth of the sun. He said he was going to ‘make her cool down’ with it, so much so she ran away from him while he was chasing her all over trying to annoy her with a great big laugh on his face.

As a result, daughter dear started yelling at him and telling him to pack it in, so he said ‘that’s it, I’m not talking to her’ still laughing his head off. Of course while we were sitting out there he aimed it at me but I spoilt his fun and said I was enjoying it, poor thing. Every time he wanted to speak to Jane he kept talking to me and telling me to tell Jane what he said. She was sitting next to me, not out in the front garden as you would have thought, with all the messages going back and forth. Of course, we all saw the funny side of it and eventually after about 15 minutes he packed it in and peace was restored.

Kevin’s Fan

The next thing we knew, he was going round the living room clipping it onto anything that stood still long enough to show how versatile it was but then he came onto the balcony with it clipped to the waistband on the back of his trousers, saying it would be handy if there were some smells going round, cheeky lad. This set us all off into more laughter but I think it’s fair to say that he’s thrilled to bits with his portable fan as we all know to our peril!

Is that a gun?

In the afternoon, I think he must have been on happy pills or something, because when he was working in the office he suddenly jumped up with his ear to one of the open Velux windows saying that someone was shooting an air rifle outside, and he wasn’t having that.

Apparently Jane said it sounded like someone was using a staple gun but Kevin was convinced it was a pellet gun and flew downstairs into the garden to see what was what.

He even rang a neighbour to see if they had heard anything, which they hadn’t, but not before they’d both gone outside and had a look round to see if we were under fire from a mad gunman.

He was so puzzled it was untrue, until he finally found out it was a staple gun after all, not a machine gun. The man whose garden backs onto our street was stapling some fence or some such, so thank goodness he didn’t ring the police to have those all-in-black police sharpshooters arrive with guns or he would have looked a right dope, don’t you think.

Eventually, shame faced, he had to face the fact that maybe his imagination was going into overdrive but was there any wonder after all the excitement of his new fans. It just must have been too much for him bless him!

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