I'm Back Again!

I'm Back Again!

Here I am. I’m back again after my trials and tribulations, all set to go and champing at the bit, well not exactly, but I’m back anyway.

Thank you all so much for your kind wishes, it was so thoughtful of you all. So what’s been happening here in my not-doing-much-at-all period.

Well, to start with I tried to put my computer on and would it start, would it heck, not for me, not for anyone. I’ve been sitting here for the last twenty minutes while I kept getting a ‘just a minute’ with a bright blue screen and the wheel going round. Nothing would open, nothing would move at all.

Jane is ironing behind me while all this is going on, looking over my shoulder to tell me what to press and what to do as I haven’t a clue. She’s actually cracked on with the ironing while I’ve been sitting here and got through a pile of it already. My next port of call was to shout Kevin who seemed to have disappeared into space. I got no reply so maybe he was somewhere where he didn’t want to hear me!

Anyway, we managed to get a black screen up with ‘just a minute’ on it and it stopped there again. I never knew computers could lie did you? Half an hour later, and hearing Kevin come stomping upstairs, when all of a sudden things started moving, so I shouted to tell him not to bother. Cue sigh of relief from Kevin.

I think it all had to do with my staring at the screen with my eyes closed and waving my fingers, abra-cadabra style in front of the screen, while willing it to get cracking. Jane thought I was hallucinating or something but suddenly the screen sprang into life. Well a slow walk but at least there was life. Then, it stuck again and refused to move in spite of letting me know it was alive, so I closed my eyes, waved my fingers again in a hocus-pocus way and guess what, it opened. How about that for a bit of magic? Or maybe it was the thought of me throwing it out of the window if it didn’t behave. But eventually, here I am chattering away again, so here goes with the rest of my story.

I’m Back Again with Blue Peter…

Such a lot has happened here since I last wrote to you all, but I’ll start with this weekend’s fun and games.

On Friday night, and every night this week, Jane’s been making recycled plastic stars and snowflakes out of old milk bottles. She’s laboriously cut the bottle into a flat piece, then off she went and there was no stopping her.

Milk Bottle Snowflakes
Milk Bottle Snowflakes for Cleveleys town centre

You may have heard that the group who care about Cleveleys is trying its best to raise money for festive cheer.

They’re also making lots of things to decorate our town with at Christmas, as it has been what you can only call pathetic for the last few years. Anyway, after another kerfuffle again this year, where we thought there wasn’t even going to be a tree, they’re all out guns blazing to make it look pretty.

Everyone who wants to is invited to join in – all the details about it can be found on this page about Christmas in Cleveleys. There’s a way for everyone to get involved.

But first…

We’d been talking about doing some other things as well which Kevin has dreamed up and is going to make for the town centre. So allegedly I jumped in and said ‘my bathroom tap needs doing, it’s been needing doing for ages’ which I have absolutely no memory of saying.

It’s a three part set with a Monobloc tap in the middle, including a spout where the water comes into the bath and a shower head which pulls up to use as a hand one. It’s especially great for bathing dogs I can tell you. Anyway, it’s had a leak on the Monobloc and the shower head for so long I can’t remember, accompanied by a patch of limescale from the hard water. As Kevin is the plumber in our family, I needed him to look at it. Then he popped up on Saturday morning and said ‘what about this tap then’. I didn’t have a clue what he was on about, so was told what I’d said the day before. Off he went and that was it.

Mending Taps

When I heard a banging noise coming from somewhere, I did wonder who it was and what they were doing. This was in the morning and he’d turned the water off and had dismantled all the taps.

After lunch, he disappeared again, and again there was lots more banging and hammering. I did wonder if it was my head he was hitting as he’d ended up doing such a long job! Anyway, by tea time, he was still faffing about. One thing I did find out was how awful it must be for people in countries who don’t have access to water. You don’t realise how much you need it until it’s not there.  No hand washing although I did leave the washing up water in the sink out of desperation. There was no water for the dogs, toilets, cups of tea etc. So when it did come back on it was bliss.

However, as with most things that Kevin does, it wasn’t quite so straightforward…

New taps please

Kevin and I spent the next hour or so, looking up taps as I’d reached the conclusion that I needed new ones. The lime scale we get is awful and the taps had suffered badly with all the leaking so I’d had enough of them, they have been in 15 years after all. But it was like seeking a needle in a haystack.

Suddenly, Kevin had a eureka moment and found the actual part that had broken in the main Monobloc bit which was only about £6 on our favourite Amazon, so yesterday my new part arrived. Even better, lo and behold, Kevin has chiselled, sprayed Cillit Bang, scrubbed and I don’t know what, so I’m the proud owner of shiny new looking, nearly mended taps.

The one fly in the ointment was the noise it’s made meanwhile and the cold water drip which was like Chinese water torture (although I haven’t had it myself but you know what I mean). He’d had trouble in the afternoon as the taps started making this high pitched, screaming, ear splitting sound which I found out in the middle of the night when it started up again. It was awful, and more besides, like an electronic screaming that pierced your brain like needles.

As a result I have a thick head, no comment thank you, and am half asleep. But when I ran my bath in the morning it stopped, oh the relief. Kevin did go back into the bathroom and managed to prevent it happening again thank goodness, and my taps look brand new, so what a lot of money saved, allelujah!!

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