How Did we Get to November?

How Did we Get to November?

How did we get to November? It’s on its way, Winter that is. I got the shock of my life when I went to the front of the house yesterday, as it was so cold. They skies are grey and it’s now November. There’s no wonder I had a shock because somewhere in my mind I’m still in July and August. I keep saying it but time is hurtling, it’s like being on a roundabout that is going faster and faster and won’t stop. It’s only about eight weeks before the nights start drawing out again, how can that be in July!!

Cleveleys own Royle Family

Anyway, back to normality, if you can call our house that. At the weekend, we kept laughing at ourselves for continually having conversations times four, with us all going on about a different subject and nobody taking a bit of notice of what the others were saying. It’s so funny when we start gabbling on at cross purposes, we keep saying that we are like the Royle Family on TV, and if someone was watching us they would say the same.

Just like Cleveleys own Royle Family! How did we get to November?
Just like Cleveleys own Royle Family!

We can be watching a programme on the TV and one of us will come out with a daft comment that makes the others laugh, so daft it’s untrue but makes sense to the person watching it. We often catch ourselves saying ‘do you want a kitkat Dave’  in that gormless way that Barb from the Royle Family did, ah well, it takes all sorts to make a world don’t you think.

Royle Family do Country Dancing

When we are all in the kitchen which isn’t small really, we keep commenting about the fact that in spite of there being plenty of space in the room, we always seems to be huddled together in a clump. One thing is for sure, we could certainly do the maypole dance where everyone twists in and out with the ribbons!

We seem to have become experts in weaving in and out of each other without colliding, not an easy thing to do, but we do it. One goes to the cutlery drawer while another goes to the oven and the third getting the plates ready with me dishing food up.

It’s like doing a country dance with us all in what feels like two square feet of kitchen. It doesn’t make sense when there is plenty of room, but that’s us in our mad household!

My own Halloween

Did you all go to Halloween parties last night? I didn’t. I was tucked up in bed watching scary movies on TV, which is just my cup of tea.

How did we get to November?

Don’t you think it’s getting a bit out of control with all the things that shops sell, just for Halloween. The supermarkets are full of costumes, sweets in scary bags and all the rest of the stuff that seems to have appeared.

I personally wish it had stayed in America where it came from, as there seems to be something odd about threatening to do nasty things if you don’t cough up a stack of sweets. It’s like learning how to blackmail in one easy step.

OK I’ve not got young children, well I wouldn’t do would I being of tender years, and I don’t mind the youngsters going out with mums and dads at all. It’s when teenagers go out frightening people that I don’t like it, I don’t know about you.

In the past some of them have made us worried about what they will do if you don’t cough up a ‘treat’. Elderly people get scared easily, my mum was one of them and used to be terrified when they started knocking like mad at her door. I’m personally glad that we don’t get people coming on our road, I think it’s too cold, windy and open for them!

How did we get to November?

It’s just hard to believe that it’s November. Time used to seem to drag all through October in the past, with me thinking it would never come to an end, but here it flies. Winters certainly aren’t as bad at the seaside as they used to be in Yorkshire.

Maybe it’s something to do with the openness of the sea and the way that it’s a flat landscape, but everything seems to be so much brighter and lighter here. Bing surrounded by trees, like we were, didn’t help as they did block the light out such a lot.

I much prefer it here where it is so bright and light and as Jane says, when she finally does leave here it will be in a coffin. How more ghoulish can you get than that for Halloween. Hopefully it will be a long long time coming, and for us as well!!!!

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