Hooligans and Nudism

Hooligans and Nudism

Another weird combination of subjects for a Tuesday morning – Hooligans and Nudism – but then you’d expect that from me!

First Hooligans, and Nudism is to follow!

There I was after tea the other night, busy watching the news, when hubby pipes up with ‘just look at this video’. Like a dutiful wife I did as I was told and was astonished to see that someone had videod a youth climbing over the wall into the old Harvester pub on the seafront at Cleveleys. Then there’s another clip later on, showing four of these youths standing in the road, no doubt hatching what they could get up to next!

Someone local has been keeping an eye on the property for the agent as it’s been wrecked inside and out. They’ve got strong thoughts on the subject I can tell you, as do we all.

When is a hooligan not a hooligan

I think I’m right in saying that they can’t be charged with anything until they’re actually inside the building, when they can then be done for burglary. How daft is that. If someone is seen climbing over such a high wall, they aren’t doing it for the good of their health are they. No, they’re out for a bit more vandalising if you ask me.

It doesn’t matter what you say to the police, there’s some daft law quoted back at you, meaning the police can’t or won’t do anything about them. So the hooligans get bolder and bolder. According to our watchman the inside is a right mess, where they’ve been having a good old time smashing things up. I can’t see anyone wanting to buy that building as just looking at it from outside is enough to put you off. It’s time something was done about the gangs roaming about in Cleveleys getting up to all sorts, but I won’t hold my breath!

Braving the Beach in the Nuddy!

Anyway, now that I’ve had a rant about the wayward youths in Cleveleys, I’ll go onto something that I read about a few days or so ago. Are you ready? The Great British Skinny Dip that happens every Summer is going to take place at St. Anne’s beach, and as the name suggests, is clothes free!

The event lasts for a month and nude bathing is the thing that’s going on, including a couple of organised events.

On 6 July 6 the YMCA swimming pool will be welcoming people who want to go and swim in the buff between 7-9pm. The British Naturism are having a swim in the sea on July 6th from 11am-5pm. So there you have it, if you fancy baring all to the world, St. Anne’s is the place to go!If I stripped off I’d have people covering their eyes at the sight of my bits wobbling all over, so it’s a no thank you from me.

Where would you pin the medal?

All I can say is that anyone who doesn’t belong to the Naturism club deserves a medal for going into the sea completely undressed, although where they would pin their medal I’m not sure! Of course, people who belong to a club don’t think twice about stripping off as they are used to it, but for us non nudists, you have to be a brave soul to undress and negotiate the beach before hitting the sea for a bit of cover! One thing’s for sure, I wouldn’t mind betting that they get a lot of spectators out for a goggle at all that flesh. It’s bad enough seeing all shapes and sizes without what else you can see from the male population if you know what I mean.

I’m not against nudism at all, as people say it makes you feel liberated, but I feel liberated enough without going into the sea in our freezing cold weather, even in Summer. I sincerely hope they do have a good time and admire their bravery but I would be interested to know how many people outside the clubs will turn up.

Imagine seeing your next door neighbour in the altogether, you’d never look at them in the same light again, would you! I have too active an imagination as my family keep telling me, so it’s a good job I’m not going to be there, watching the action.

Blue seas

Actually one of my neighbours regularly swims in the sea and takes it seriously so he wears a full rubber wet suit because of the cold. As he says, you have to study the waves and tides and do it properly if you are taking it seriously. The thing that really pleased me was that he says when you get past the sand banks, the sea is crystal clear and you can see well down into the depths.

I’ve kept saying that I would love to go out past the sandbanks, but not swimming of course, heaven forbid. From our house the sea is all colours of greens, blues and aqua which tells me that it must be very clear. But because the sand is whipped up into the water near to the coastline it obviously makes it muddy looking. Anyway, good luck to the brave hearts who are going to jump into our sea, and all the best from me!

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