Hitches with the TV

Hitches with the TV

What shall I write about today I wondered but it didn’t take me long to get my cogs going. We’ve had a few hitches with the TV and then the BBC made their announcement. It’s satellite signals and over 75’s licenses in today’s blog

As you know we’ve had some high winds and lots of heavy rain on and off for a week. Well, when hubby and Kevin have been watching TV upstairs while I’ve gone to bed to watch my TV in peace and quiet, their picture has kept breaking up. Maybe I should explain. Kevin and my other half like to watch programmes that I’m not remotely interested in, like motor racing and art stuff etc. So to avoid the droning sound of the racing cars and the hypnotic trance I go in when watching them go round and round, I escape to the bedroom to watch things I like. It makes us all happy all the way round. Anyway, while it was blowing a gale these past few days of Winter, sorry Summer, the living room tv has been breaking up into multi coloured cubes. It’s something that can happen when the weather is bad.

A rose by any name…

Our satellite dish is at the bottom of the garden on a bedroom wall, facing the direction it needs to face in. The picture has been was terrible while the weather was bad. They kept coming into my bedroom asking if my tv was acting up, but no it wasn’t, so Kevin rang Sky. As it happens he couldn’t get through, which might have been a good job.

On Sunday night it was doing it again and I said the men wouldn’t be happy with that for a picture. When suddenly my little angel (Jane) pipes up with ‘oh there is a rose growing in front of the dish maybe that could be it’. I informed the other halves, who promptly went down the garden to see what was what. They came back in saying ‘why on earth didn’t she tells us before’. Apparently it was a rose branch, and a large one at that, complete with flower, that was blocking the signal. So who is dopey now! If only she had said that when they were first moaning and groaning!

No more free over 75’s licenses

Speaking of tv’s, hubby came in yesterday while I was typing this, with the news that the BBC (in their wisdom) are stopping free tv licences for the over 75’s in June 2020. They say that if there is one person in the house who is on pension credit, they will still get it free.

I keep saying to my lot that we ought to draw everything out of the bank and do what we know other people, and go on benefits. It makes me so angry. If you have a bit of money stowed away you get clobbered for working hard all your life and saving to secure your future. You always seem to get ‘punished’ for it if you know what I mean. The BBC go on to say ‘fairness’ is at the heart of the decision and they have been consulting with 190,000 people to come to this decision, of who 52% are in favour. Call me cynical but who responded? Were they young, and what’s betting they didn’t ask the older ones. The BBC wouldn’t know fairness if it ran at them, if their news reports are anything to go by.

We all know how biased they are towards politics and anything else that they want to be biased about. People are getting sick and tired of their single sided arguments etc and I am one of those. News should be totally unbiased whatever the subject. As they have quoted, they think it is fair that ‘over 75’s and also the audience for whom there was no appetite for the level of cuts that would have to been necessary if the concessions were extended’ should have to pay. Their quote not mine, they also think that over 75’s will understand.

TV is a lifeline

Well I disagree, there are a lot of old people living on their own and in situations where their tv is a lifeline. Not all pensioners are rolling in money and haven’t been fortunate enough to get a work pension, and I wonder if the BBC would like to live on their small amount of income. Maybe the answer would be to stop all the expense accounts that are ridiculously high and salaries into the hundreds of thousands for ‘stars’. I’m sorry, but no actor or whatever is worth what they are paid when it comes to enormous amounts.

We all know that the managers and bosses, often overstaffed and on ridiculous salaries, shouldn’t be milking the BBC for what it’s worth like they do, but again they aren’t prepared to cut their expenses and over staffing down, so let the over 75’s lose their concession. As you see I am angry, not for me but for the people who rely on tv’s for their sole contact with the outside world. A lot of older people don’t qualify for pension credit, just missing the ceiling of allowance, but it doesn’t mean they are flush with money. Why are the elderly always attacked when it comes to cuts of any kind. There would be an outcry if it was for younger people or children. As you can see I am, shall we say, a trifle annoyed at the news as a bit of fairness would be ideal for everyone not just for the BBC! It’s not the amount of money we will lose, it’s about the BBC sorting their own house out before attacking the elderly and vulnerable!

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