Heatwaves, Burglaries and that Winning Match!

Heatwaves, Burglaries and that Winning Match!

It’s a mixed bag of chatter from me today here at Chrissie Towers, with heatwaves, burglaries and that winning match!

Heatwaves – and grey cloud 🙁

Still the weather goes on and on….. brilliant let’s hope it lasts for longer, this is like Summer’s used to be years ago. Although after endless clear blue skies, this morning (Tuesday 10 July) has woken up to grey cloud which is quite a shock!

It’s supposed to brighten up at lunch time, with a sunny, hot forecast for the rest of the week. Enjoy it, because there’s rain forecast for all of next week!


Unfortunately some people forget to close windows at night when it’s so hot and get burgled. I’m just trying to remind you not to forget to shut all of your windows and doors when you go to bed, or some prowling rotters might be tempted to see what is on offer.

This happened on Green Drive in the early hours of Sunday morning although I’m not saying for one minute their break-in was through an open window as I don’t know. But these poor people were broken into while they were asleep and had jewellery, computers, phones taken and anything else they could pinch.

Not content with that they also stole their car, but imagine if they had woken up and found someone in the house taking their possessions. I for one would have probably died of shock, brave soul that I’m not.

Derek told us later that day that the car had been found in Blackpool but not the things they pinched, although they have arrested two people. Let’s hope they get a sentence fitting to the crime they committed instead of being let off which is what usually happens. Well done to the police for getting them, the rotten so and so’s. On Sunday morning we were watching a police helicopter circling round and round above Thornton Gate so what that was about I don’t know, as they would be long gone by then, don’t you think.

That Winning Match!

Anyway, the hot weekend made us decided to stay put and do some much needed gardening jobs, or at least Jane set Kevin on with it.

We have fairly high trees and bushes around our garden at the back of the house which have really been in need of cutting back a bit. So when she tentatively, tongue in cheek, said that he might like to do the job, he told her he would do it as he was quite in the mood to do such a horrible job. I was plonked in a chair by Jane and told to stay put, although I soooo wanted to get up and do some gardening. As my poor body keeps saying ‘no’ and my wrists and hands won’t let me use the secateurs without me yelling, I think the thought of me keeping on squealing was too much for them to bear!

Out came the electric hedge cutters and there I was, saying the match between England and Sweden will be on soon, and as people seemed to be outside watching TV’s I did think he might get yelled at to be quiet.

As weekend time is so precious in our house, he came to the conclusion that he would have to get some of it done as it was a reasonably big job. I couldn’t bear to watch the match as my nerves won’t stand it, nor will they stand me yelling and screaming every two minutes.

All of a sudden all around us a great cheer went up, which could only mean that we had scored a goal, yes we had. So Kevin, after listening to some loud commentary from male voices all over the street yelling at their screens said ‘oh blow the hedge I’m going to have to watch the match’. So he downed tools and went inside.

I still couldn’t bring myself to watch it, but was I proud when we won. Brilliant wasn’t it, let’s hope they win their semi-final on Wednesday and then the World Cup. That would be great.

And homemade tortillas to finish

Jane carried on gardening and I carried on sitting being bored. Earlier that week I’d only bent over for 5 minutes with the hoover nozzle to do the bit in between the carpet and the skirting board and it set my back off. I thought I was going to end up flat on my back in plaster for six months, only joking of course, but I knew better than to bend.

Eventually tea time came and Jane had brought salad and chicken pieces etc to make some wraps, only she’d forgotten the wraps.

What did she do, looked up a recipe on the internet and made some. There she was mixing dough for all she was worth and what a simple recipe it is, but if like me you don’t like getting goo down your fingernails, forget it and buy some. But Jane was determined to make them in spite of all the fun we were poking at her.

When they turned out to look like very small bits of dough we all wondered if they would be big enough or whether we’d be starving. So after we decided who wanted how many she set to with the rolling pin bashing the dough into submission! She’d told Kevin to get the frying pan on hot on the hob and when I came in he’d had it on for ages with nothing in it. You don’t need to use oil to cook them in as there is oil in the mixture.

I think I just rescued the pan in time, accompanied by his ‘well she said she wanted it hot’ can’t argue with that but not so hot it nearly exploded! We certainly all had a good laugh while all this was going on, hysterics I think I would call it, but actually they were really lovely and nice as they were warm and fresh.

So in spite of it all, we ended up having a lovely tea although when we asked if she would make some more, she did say that if we were stuck and hadn’t any in the house, then she would make some. I think that tells us all what’s what don’t you think all this was accompanied by more laughter as we looked at her face!!

If you fancy having a go she used 8oz flour, 150ml of warm water into which was put 1.5 tablespoons of olive oil, and a pinch of salt. Knead the dough like you would to make bread, split into balls and roll out thinly. Whack then one by one into a hot, dry frying pan. Wait until bubbles start to lift up, then turn them over and cook on the other side. They only take a couple of minutes each to cook, and we all agreed that they are much nicer than shop bought.

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