Heatwave of 2018

Heatwave of 2018

The heatwave of 1976 went down in history and it looks like the heatwave of 2018 will do too. So how’s all this heat treating you, do you love it or can’t you stand the heat?

Motorboat and jet ski at Cleveleys during the heatwave of 2018
Motorboat and jet ski at Cleveleys during the heatwave of 2018

I think I’m a bit in between as I love long sunny days but the heat this last two days has got to me. Having said that, us British usually moan when it’s hot or cold so I’m going to enjoy the heat while it lasts. According to my diary, this time last year, and the year before, it was cold, windy and rainy so give me sunshine any day!

Jane has rediscovered what she loved as a child, ice pops, so she has been looking in the shops for different flavours and keeps popping one into our hands (ice pops not the shops in case you are wondering). Not Hubby of course, as he doesn’t like things like that. Quite frankly I love anything that cools me down so bring it on.

You’ve been Tango’d

She’s decided she likes the Tango ones from B&M best, both for the flavours and for the ease for getting into. She got some of those that you split into two with a nozzle on the end, but we needed instructions on how to get into them. Even then they’re not very easy to open (you snap them in two) so I think we won’t be having any more of them sometime soon! We also discovered that they’re the blasted things that we’ve always picked loads up of on the beach!

The dogs absolutely love ice pops so I break a tiny bit off mine and let them suck on it, bliss!

The trouble is, the ‘Heatwave of 2018’ as I’m sure it will be remembered, doesn’t make you want to work or do anything strenuous, don’t you think. It must be awful to be stuck inside but that’s life for you, been there and got the tshirt.

Water shortages

The last time it was so hot was back in 1976, back in the dark ages, when standpipes were introduced into streets all over because of water shortages. Now that isn’t funny at all. Luckily where I lived we didn’t have them but it must have been annoying for the people who did. With 33 degrees currently being the hottest recorded at Porthmadog in Wales, I can say I’m glad I don’t live there!

Now, during the heatwave of 2018, the problem isn’t a lack of water, but how quickly they can get it through the pipes.

A spot of shopping

We went to Cleveleys on Sunday afternoon, and didn’t set off until well turned 2pm. Much as we weren’t bothered about going out in the heat, we wanted one or two bits, so off we went leaving two upset dogs at home. I kept telling them that it was too hot for them but Muffin didn’t care he wanted an afternoon out.

It was busy enough but not packed, I would imagine it was too hot for most people, and the rest of them were on the beach! My were we glad when we got back, tired and boiling, so we had tea and chilled out for the rest of the evening.

I think the heat must have knocked me sideways because as I was eating my tea my did I feel lousy. All of a sudden I felt really sick and faint and just awful. It didn’t ease off until about 10pm so I put that down to sunstroke. Therein lies a warning for all of us ‘elderly and vulnerable’ people to take care in the heat!

Cool off in the heatwave of 2018

I think the heat must have also got to Kevin’s brain,or maybe it’s because a neighbour keeps doing it I’m not sure, but he decided to go for a swim.

It’s quite a while since he did this and he was a lot younger then, so after warning him that the water would feel cold in spite of the heat and to be careful, off he went to cool off in the sea.

Derek was watching him and took some photos, one of which showed him on his back looking as though he was in agony. Eventually he came back and confessed that he did get out of breath a bit and isn’t as fit as he thought he was! The poor lad had to have a sit down to get over it. It couldn’t have been that bad because off he went again yesterday afternoon for round two, and said that was a lot easier. Whether he’ll be dipping his toes in again I’m not sure or whether he’s got over the fad of sea swimming very quickly!

Work starts at Yates Winelodge

I’m going completely off the heatwave of 2018 subject for the moment, to ask if you knew that, at last, development has started at the old Yate’s site in Blackpool town centre.

I didn’t think it was nine years ago since the building burnt down, where have the years gone?

Last week saw a digger and other machinery arrive on the site, so it seems that work is definitely under way to build a Premier Inn hotel, which will have 150 rooms. There will also be a Brewers Fayre restaurant to tempt the hungry, but as yet no mention of where cars can be parked. That would be a pretty important thing for me if I was staying in a hotel. It had been proposed previously to build a Tesco Express on the site along with restaurants but when Premier Inns came along I suppose with a better offer, they got the job.

I just hope that they can fill all of these new hotels that are being built. For me, Blackpool Council need to get their act together and clean up some of the squalid areas which there are in the town, and sort out the druggies, drunks and all the rest. Until then I wouldn’t fancy staying in the town itself, looking at it from a visitors point of view.

You can build all the hotels you want but until the demographic changes I worry about them all being filled as it seems a bit of a vicious circle to me, a bit of a chicken and egg situation. I wish them all well, as the town needs upgrading badly to get it out of the doldrums, so we’ll just have to wait and see won’t we. I personally would love Blackpool to become a desirable place to have your holidays but as we all know, a lot of work needs doing before then!!

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