Health and Safety Gone Mad

Health and Safety Gone Mad

Well that’s a better view this morning after all the wind, rain and cold. The nights start to draw in in just over fortnight and I’m still waiting for some Summer! Today’s blog is about health and safety gone mad – plus an update on the old ice rink at Cleveleys.

I saw a picture of the old Pleasure Beach this week, from 1934. They were building the white, wooden big dipper with the only sign on their site saying ‘men at work’. Wow, imagine that today. Health and safety would be all over it in seconds as they do these days. It doesn’t seem to matter what the subject is, large or small, they can be seen going round looking very important with their hard hats on and clipboards in their hands as they bode their doom and death message.

Health and safety and common sense

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good thing, as safety is paramount, but don’t you think that a bit of common sense with a lot of these rules would go a long way instead of going over the top with their daftness. I can understand it on places like building sites and such, it has to be safe as accidents do happen. But I’ll give you an example of what I’m talking about.

The other day, we had our boiler serviced by British Gas. We have an annual maintenance contract and as part of this you get a yearly check and whatever it is they do to make sure your boiler is safe. All good so far.

Now, is it me, or have the lunatics taken over the asylum? In came our gasman, happy, pleasant chap, tool box at the ready to do the deed.

My boiler is in our small, oblong utility room. The boiler is on the far outside wall, and nobody can get to it when he’s stood there servicing it. The room’s just not big enough.

‘Don’t cross the line’

Before he started checking it and taking it to pieces, with a laugh on his face he brought out three signs, all with the same thing on them. In bright red was a warning that you ‘must not cross the line where the signs are’ as someone is working there. He also went on to tell me that there should be a hazard tape like the ones the police put up, to tell you not to go through the tape or else!

We were incredulous, what will they think of next. To me that is being daft to a tenth degree. Why would anyone in their right mind want to go poking into a dismantled boiler and try to stick their fingers in it or shove the workman face forward into the boiler. So there we were with our warning signs, all three of them across the door, although we broke the rules when we brought him a cup of tea.

I had to control myself not to throw it into the boiler to see what would happen but thought better of it. Only joking of course. This to me is just silly rules for the sake of it, I wonder what you think!!

Breaking the Jinx

J.D. Gym didn’t have much of a decent day when they opened this week, was it on Tuesday? I don’t know, time flies for me I don’t know about you. Anyway, we’ve been watching developments as we’ve passed the old skating rink on the prom. Being a decent company they are doing it properly. The building seems to have been a failure for everyone who has tried to make a business there, from ice skating to children’s amusements and cafes.

As we’ve watched as much as we can through those horrible dark windows, it looks  to be very well done. According to my hubby, they have a lot of gyms all over the country and they are all succeeding because again, they are run by good managers and have all the latest gym stuff.

Gas and air required

Jane keeps saying ‘I could do with going there’ and that’s as far as it goes. If I entered the dark portals of the gym they would tell me to get out, as ancient relics don’t seem to go to these gyms full of sylph-like young figures who don’t look as though they need a gym. From what I’ve heard, a lot of people pay the subscription and then after a few sessions can’t be bothered going, so that’s no good is it. I think it would be very likely that they would be ringing for an ambulance if I was put through my paces, with Jane coming up a close second! However, I wish them well and good luck for the future, and hope they can break the spell of a jinxed building.

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