Hazards of Dying

Hazards of Dying

Today’s blog is a lighthearted look at the hazards of dying. Or I suppose the hazards of funerals, after one woman in Brazil was buried alive, and a coffin exploded in Bolton!

So much to the plans we had for yesterday afternoon, we were going to go out and have a break from work but the weather put us off. It was very windy on the seafront dull, raining and cooled down since the morning so it was back to work for everyone, shucks!! I booked the next nice day, so when that will be I don’t know. It seems as though our normal Summers have come back, don’t you think.  My dogs aren’t complaining, they were fast asleep on the settee beside me and probably glad they don’t have to leave their cosy home!

The Hazards of Dying – making sure that you’re actually dead…

Anyway, back to today’s blog. I just had to comment on two incidents that left me amazed, even if they are a bit of a tricky subject.

A woman in Brazil was alive trapped in a coffin for 11 days. She was only 37, the poor thing, and apparently was screaming to be let out. I bet she was, just imagine being in pitch black and knowing you couldn’t get out, wow it must have been terrifying for her. The poor woman had a history of poor health and a hospital declared that she’d died of septic shock. She was buried the next day, but locals raised the alarm after hearing screams coming from her grave.

That must have been awful for her and them, and you could certainly call it one of the hazards of dying. The weird thing about it was that 500 people packed into the graveyard to see her taken out of the coffin.

Someone called for an ambulance as her feet were still warm. Her poor body had turned around and the cotton wool which had been stuffed in the woman’s ears and nostrils had come out. Nails around the coffin lid were pushed up and there were scratches and blood inside the coffin. A local woman had heard banging from the tomb and thought it was just kids playing a joke, some joke don’t you think. She heard her ‘groan’ twice and I assume alerted the authorities.

The lady in question was admitted into hospital with severe fatigue, had two cardiac arrests and ‘died’ from shock. Naturally the police are investigating but I wouldn’t mind betting that nobody wants to ‘die’ in that particular hospital ‘just in case’. It must make the locals fearful to know that someone was buried while still alive.

I wonder what the doctors were playing at, not knowing whether someone was dead or not. Not only that, what was she doing while waiting to be buried in the 24 hours she was still alive? I would have been raising Cain if I was in a refrigerator and still breathing. It brings all the sci-fi stories to life, don’t you think. I wouldn’t mind betting that most people would like it to have been made certain whether they are dead or not, and not likely to be buried alive. Goodness, it just make you wonder what the doctors were playing at!

The Hazards of Dying no 2 – exploding coconuts….

The other thing that I heard about was when funeral staff fled in terror when a coconut exploded inside a coffin in the furnace of a crematorium.

No I’m not joking, that did actually happen, after the coconut had been illegally placed inside the coffin by relatives. They obviously didn’t know that coconut oil is combustible at high temperatures and my it would have been hot in there! After all, some people use coconut oil to cook with. Also, the fibre on the nutshells is very flammable so it was certainly going to explode, don’t you think!

This took place at a crematorium in Bolton, so it wasn’t overseas and some ritual being carried out, it was in good old England. I’d say that an explosive cremation certainly counts as one of the hazards of dying!

Since the blast, mourners have been told not to put items inside coffins such as e cigarettes, whisky, vodka, golf clubs and even mobile phones. I’m not trying to be irreverent here, but was someone expecting a phone call up there in the great beyond? If they get one I hope they let me know, and I will contact my loved ones!

I’m guessing it mustn’t have been the first time this happened as funeral directors comment that articles put inside a coffin can cause a huge explosion, although funeral directors sometimes manage to take things out. In France, a widow’s husband had to pay a crematorium £13,000 after her husband’s pacemaker caused a huge blast. That was quite a while ago, but nonetheless it must have been awful for everyone.

In case anyone thinks I’m making a joke out of death, I certainly am not. Death is something that touches us all at sometime or another and is no laughing matter. I just saw the articles and thought how dreadful it was to be buried alive or blown up in a crematorium. It’s not something we expect in good old England, don’t you think!

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