Happy August Bank Holidays

Happy August Bank Holidays

What a weekend it’s been, weather wise, perfect for Happy August Bank Holidays. The weather has been kind to us for once although on Monday there was some hazy cloud with the sun trying to get through.

Happy August Bank Holidays

It’s been so busy on our beach here at Cleveleys. Lots of families doing what families should do and being families. All generations together with young and old mixing, playing ball with grandad’s and dads.

Some had come prepared with tents for a day camping out on the beach, how it took me back to when we used to do the same. We have some happy memories from our holidays when Jane was young. My mum and dad used to come with us and we all got on and had a great time.

Happy Days on the Beach

The beach was the order of the day if the weather was nice. Lugging all our chairs, towels, food and all the rest to the beach. We looked like pack horses by the time we set off. Jane loved building sandcastles with her dad, and they played really nice together as they built moats and magnificent castles.

Building sandcastles on the beach
Building sandcastles on the beach

Eventually, Jane who is so like her dad in many ways, would start to get bored. With itchy feet, just as her dad was getting the same, off they would go, leaving us sunbathing while they walked on the beach or popped across the road to mouch in toy shops. Or shops that sold arty things, paper, pencils and such like.

One year there were dozens of kids taking part in a treasure hunt on the beach. An area had been marked off and coins hidden in the dry sand for them to find. I’ve no idea what the prize was but I do know we’ve still got some of the coins!

Treasure Hunt on Blackpool sands
Treasure Hunt on Blackpool sands

Rainy Days

We always used to buy her a Richard Scarry book, I don’t know if you were familiar with them, but she loved them. They were a good sized book that you not only read but were encouraged to colour things in and do puzzles and games. She never wrote in any of her many books so just to be able to do that was a novelty in itself. Always in best handwriting and colouring!

It was called Richard Scarry’s Best Rainy Day Book Ever and they certainly were that. She had lots of pleasure from them I do know that. It’s amazing how watching today’s families makes me recall all the pleasure we had as a young family.

Children's books for rainy days
Children’s books for rainy days

Back when I was Little

We got to talking about our childhoods when we were having a morning cuppa and how Kevin’s can’t remember seeing any books in his family home, never mind reading one. I thought it was a shame as he missed out on so much. Having said that, my home wasn’t full of children’s reading matter either, although there was a full set of Charles  Dickens books. We also encyclopaedias and last but not least the complete works of William Shakespeare.

As I was so thirsty for knowledge in my young days, as a 10 year old I started ploughing through the lot of them! I could tell you anything about the books of Charles Dickens, which I still love by the way. Having ploughed my way through Shakespeare’s works, I thought a lot of it was double Dutch in my young years, I read anything I could get my hands on which wasn’t a lot back in those days. All by myself I joined our library when I was very young and that gave me what I craved. Thousands of books to read, and my did I read them.

Books, books and more books

I couldn’t get enough of them, the more I could read the better, it was heaven to me. I even told a white lie which I never did and said at nine years old that I was ten. That was the age you had to be to be able to get into the adult library. I was so bored by the children’s books, I wanted something meaty, so I started on Agatha Christie and that was it. I couldn’t get enough to read as I flitted through the years with historical novels, thrillers, you name it I read it.

As a result, I vowed that I’d foster my love of books into Jane, so at a very very young age I would sit her on my knee and we would read together. She loved going to the library and would have brought the lot home with her if I had taken a wheelbarrow. Plus her dad was always buying her books which she loved. We’ve still got some of them, but it’s a shame that we can’t seem to find ‘Emily’s Moo’. We all loved that book and I doubt we would have got rid of it, but where it is, who knows.

It seems sad that both Kevin and I didn’t have parents who would sit and read and talk to us about the stories. But in my case, it was a very long time ago and I suppose things were different then. I made sure she always had access to books and to this day she enjoys her thirst for knowledge whether it is in documentaries or reading.

Mrs Egghead

I see some of the things she watches on TV and I’m amazed at all the subjects she covers. Physics, nuclear science, the planets you name it. As long as she is learning she’s happy. She has learnt such a lot about things she wasn’t taught at school eg past history of kings and queens that ruled our country. I’m beginning to think she’s turning into an egghead!

Education is a wonderful thing if you want it to be, but sadly a lot don’t. I always say that you are learning until the day you die, which I certainly do. Every day’s certainly a school day!

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