Glorious Weather and Gardening

Glorious Weather and Gardening

Glorious weather and gardening go hand in hand, especially at Easter! We’re off in the garden to get some jobs sorted out – while the sun shines!

The weather people have said no rain Monday and Tuesday after the earlier forecast of doom and gloom. Cleveleys market has started again and what a nice day it was for that too. Derek had a stroll along to the market to take some photos, plus more to add to the zillions of photos of the beach! The market is on every Wednesday now until September (weather permitting).

Talking of nice weather, Jane had been to the business club at Fleetwood Town that she goes to on Thursday morning. Peter who owns Builders Supplies goes there and brings different things to show them that he sells. So Jane was straight in there, much to Kevin’s dismay. He’d brought samples of a clever thingummy that is a sort of grid of plastic holes fastened together. She was so impressed that she photographed it to show us, which she did when she got home.

Grid to make a garden path
Grid to make a garden path

A damp, dark corner

The backstory to all this comes from the fact that at the bottom of our garden, we have a very dark damp corner that is hopeless for doing anything with. Apart from the fact that it must be a thriving slug and snail bit of the garden, proven by the amount of them that scoff our plants, it’s a paradise for damp loving horrible things!

We’ve tried all sorts, and even the lawn which we put there has packed up its suitcase and gone away. Nothing grows, apart from a few shade loving plants in the border. At the moment it resembles nothing and doesn’t look very nice at all, so I could see where the attraction of Peter’s thingummy came in. You can fill the holes with gravel or whatever you want and it makes a sturdy path which is sludge free.

‘I’m not happy’

Kevin immediately puckered his forehead with that look that means he’s not happy, which we all know so well. No amount of wheedling and coaxing would make him change his mind. He wants paving flags, which as Jane pointed out get slimy and green from our old friend the shade and would be continually covered in leaves. But I think I would put my money on Kevin winning that one.

Undeterred, she went on with her next idea of putting small, very small paving flags around the edge of the lawn in the said back garden. Again as a part of it doesn’t get the sun and when it rains, being clay soil, the lawn looks like a bog. I think it’s fair to say that both Kevin and I pulled a face at that one, which set off another load of which, why’s and wherefores. This went on until we had finished our mid morning tea. Then we all went off to do our various duties and to try and forget what she had come up with. Not easy when you know it will rear its ugly head again the first chance she gets.

You’ll never guess…

I was just about finished with my downstairs jobs and was going up to see to my dogs when Kevin came in the kitchen, very red faced and holding his head in his hands. ‘You’ll never guess what she’s come up with now’ which was dead right as it could have been anything crazy.

He went on to say that in her best, doe eyed, wheedling voice she had said, ‘Keviiiinnnnn, as I have a big birthday coming up’ (I can’t tell you which or she probably would shoot me) off she went again. There ain’t no stopping her when she’s in full flow I can tell you, a dog with a bone has nothing on my dear daughter when she wants something. She then said ‘can I have a small natural pond to encourage frogs and wildlife’.

Now the thing is, she’s wanted a wildlife pond ever since we came here, as we had one at our home in Yorkshire, along with a very large pond for the fish. It did encourage frogs and all sorts to come and the slug population dropped by a million because of all the frogs, which was no bad thing.

No, no and no

The trouble is, we’ve come from a large garden to a small one and having brought a lot of plants from there, space is limited. I don’t know where she’s planning to put one, as long as it’s out of sight. As Kevin has always said, he’s not getting saddled with cleaning it out, which is a horrible job I can tell you. He’s got enough on cleaning the filters on the big pond, poor lad.

She then apparently finished off with ‘I don’t ask for much do I’ to which we both fell about laughing in the kitchen. Whether she gets one remains to be seen after that blackmail, I reserve my judgement on what I think but it will be interesting. As long as she knows there’s a boatload of work inside the house that needs catching up on. That is a warning daughter dear!!!

PS – We are having some time off during the coming week, so blogs are likely to be in short supply. Just in case you wondered where I’d gone!

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    A wildlife pond is a WONDERFUL idea!!!!! AND room for beehives …. and a pig pen … and some alpacas….. …… ……

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