Get off the Sandbank!

Get off the Sandbank!

It’s been a bit of an interesting weekend for us here, which is nothing unusual in our house. From Union Jacks to ‘Get off the Sandbank’, and a leg injury!

Before I forget, I forgot to mention in my last blog that as we passed the front of the Metropole going home, all of a sudden, coming down the slope of the tramlines towards Blackpool, was a man completely dressed in the Union Jack from head to toe. He was on a mono-cycle/hoverboard thing, merrily going down dead centre of the tram tracks, going hell for leather while waving more flags in the air. Even his top hat was made out of a Union Jack.

It’s fair to say that our eyes nearly popped out of our heads at the sight of him hurtling towards the pier, although what he would have done if a tram had been there I don’t know. It certainly made us smile, even if it was a daft thing to do. As we said, that could only happen in Blackpool!

Get off the Sandbank!

Changing the subject completely now. The other day when it was sunny, we were sitting in the living room when we saw three people on the far side of the sandbank while the tide was rapidly swirling in around them. One looked quite elderly and they had two dogs with them.

Get off the sandbank

We knew it would be useless to shout them from our balcony, but there we were, once again watching what could have been a tragedy unfold in front of us. They were, as usual, looking forwards to the sea with the water seeming to just lap over their wellies. As we watched the tide racing in, Kevin said he was going to go out and try to get them to come off the sandbank as the tide by now had filled in leaving a potential trap of water several feet deep.

Fortunately he had the presence of mind to put his wellies on before he went. We were watching them from the balcony and saw Kevin have to go into the channel of water behind them to attract their attention.

Get off the sandbank
Get off the sandbank

The thing that bemused us was that even though a stranger was yelling at them to cross the deepening and widening water, they heard him and didn’t seem to care less. There he was, wading in his wellies trying to find the shallowest point to tell them where to cross, while getting water over the tops of his own wellies as he did so.

Eventually they decided to cut short their walking but at first set off to walk straight further up the bit of sand which was almost completely cut off. We were watching thinking what on earth are they doing, do they fancy a good old wash in the sea or what.

How amusing…

Meanwhile Kevin was waving to them to get off the beach. Eventually, still laughing, they crossed through the water (top photo) which by now was well over their knees. It all seemed so amusing to them and they and couldn’t care less. I did wonder what would have happened if they had had to swim across because no one told them they were in danger.

Eventually they and the dogs got back to the beach where they carried on playing with the dogs and laughing. The punchline was that they said to Kevin ‘Oh that happened to us the other day at Fleetwood’. What can you say!

Beach Safety

This coastline is all prone to the formation of sandbanks and tidal pools. Please be careful when you go right out onto the beach!

Beach Safety Note: We live at the side of the sea and are used to seeing this happen on a regular basis. We’d collectively risk assessed the situation – three of us were watching from the balcony, and they were only in deep paddling water. In shouting them off the sandbank we were helping them to avoid a dunking, it wasn’t a situation for the Coastguard or lifeboat. However, please do not go into the sea to attempt a rescue. Always call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

Calamity Jane

On Sunday, Jane was helping me by lifting my computer over the settee for me to sit down and type this blog, when she let out a scream like a banshee.

I was so near to her that I felt deaf for half an hour at the noise in my ears. I didn’t know she could scream so loud, I do now and know to keep away from her when she lets rip!

The poor girl had felt something snap behind her right knee and calf. Eventually we got her to the settee and sat her down to recover and I fetched an ice pack out of the freezer (they are so good if you have pains anywhere). There she was, nursing her leg while at the same time looking on good old Dr. Google to see what she might have done. After some consideration she’s decided it’s Tennis Leg and has got her fingers crossed that it tennises off quickly!

Crash, bang…

The fun came later when she wanted a bath, as that was out of the question. She couldn’t (can’t) put any weight on her foot, so she went in the upstairs shower which was another test for mankind. Luckily it’s a single size shower so she didn’t have far to fall if she lost her balance! There was some banging about while she broke the towel rail and banged her shoulder, but eventually she came out, looking very red in the face!

A few nights sleep has helped ease the pain and she’s found a way to balance on her tiptoe. She can’t put any weight on her flat foot. Luckily I have the stick I used to use when walking one of my past dogs in the field, so she just has to wait and stick it out while it heals.

Of course her dad and Kevin were fussing round her like two old women, which you would think they’d know better. They know if she’s not well she likes no fuss and to be left alone. They never learn these men do they. That puts an end to her going out driving so I think she’s going to get the rest she so badly needs!

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