The Future of Cleveleys

The Future of Cleveleys

Today’s blog is about the future of Cleveleys, but I must just start my blog by telling you how stupid I can be. I was putting some bread away on a cupboard shelf that is low down then stood up and bang, that was my head, straight into the sharp corner of the worktop! If I had a five pound note for the amount of times I’ve done that I would be a millionaire.

I screamed out when I did it as it didn’t half go with a crack. I’ve got a permanent dent in my skull as I’ve done this so many times. No one came to rescue me in spite of my oohs and aahs, until Derek came into the kitchen a while later and found me rubbing my head and using a few choice words. Of course, there he was looking puzzled and asking my why I’d done it. I ask you, because I felt like knocking the stuffing out of my skull!

Kevin to the rescue

Luckily Kevin came in and on feeling the massive lump on my head got the ice pack out of the freezer and stuck it to my head, with a cloth wrapped around it of course. He was so sympathetic which was nice as I could have done with a bit of tlc. As I’d been putting the dinner out, he took my tray up for me (we eat at the table upstairs so each take our meal up on a tray).

Then when we had finished eating, he fed the dogs for me, ahhhhhh wasn’t that nice. He insisted I kept the ice pack on and became my carer, oh eck, am I at that stage? Anyway, it made the lump go down, (I’ve trained him well on the first aid front). After reeling around for a while and feeling sick, I eventually recovered from yet another bang on the head. It still doesn’t knock any sense into me!

The Future of Cleveleys

Now onto our town of Cleveleys. You probably know by now that Bon Marche went into administration last Friday, and I immediately thought ‘here we go again another one gone to the wall’. There was also a big article in the paper at the weekend about the future of Cleveleys and the fact that traders and residents are wanting changes made.

Article about Cleveleys town centre in the Blackpool Gazette
Article about Cleveleys town centre in the Blackpool Gazette

Collective concerns are for the town not to fade away, as some towns have. Jane has been saying this for the past how many years, and it seems that now shops are closing they are at last noticing!

Of course, the internet, silly high rents, business rates on top of that and  lack of free parking, or any parking at all, plays a part in the gloom. Although it doesn’t seem to occur to councils and landlords, especially the landlords who are greedy. They won’t have an income to enjoy if they keep putting rents up. No tenants = no income, so they are shooting themselves in the foot.

What’s the solution for the Future of Cleveleys?

The traders are asking what can they do to prevent this? At last, they have stated the obvious. As you know, Iceland opened this week, which will hopefully bring people back in to the town.

New Cleveleys Iceland, the day before it opened
New Cleveleys Iceland, the day before it opened

What M&S are thinking of getting rid of the towns Simply Food shop, I don’t know. They are going to Norcross next year when the new retail estate opens, and closing this one down. That’s the one that turns over seven million a year and is so well used by the townspeople. You have to wonder who makes all these daft decisions.

Marks and Spencer Simply Food Cleveleys
Marks and Spencer Simply Food Cleveleys

Then, buskers are suggested, let me bang my head on a brick wall instead of the kitchen worktop. Jane has tried long and hard to get buskers to come here as it makes a better atmosphere in the town. But an odd one or two have complained that the music is too loud, so out came the police and a council person to make them go.

Post from Thornton Cleveleys Chat when the buskers were moved on

Post from Thornton Cleveleys Chat when the buskers were moved on

Admittedly this band, although were brilliant, were loud. But it’s not just these guys who have been silenced – just about every busker was despatched in a game of musical cat and mouse. What can you say, a lot in private. And that’s apart from the fact that you can’t get either of them to come when you really need them. Everyone seems to want buskers except for a few who don’t care if the town goes down the river.

What about a market?

Another suggestion was to put the market on the High Street. Again, Jane has championed the markets for ages and along with the Coastal Community Team and the very helpful then Councillor Murphy, a market was finally opened. But the stalls were put on the Plaza, the windiest place in the town, and out of sight if you don’t know it’s there.

The original question was could it go on the wide pavement, but Lancashire County Council created so many obstacles that, along with the privately owned forecourts, it became a non-starter. It’s enough to make you wonder if it’s deliberate, especially when we’re never told whether it’s on or off, or what’s happening.

Free Coach Parking

The council say that small businesses can apply for 10% rate relief if the rateable value is less than £12.000. If it is so small, they wouldn’t be able to survive the rent, never mind anything else. There’s now free parking for coaches on Jubilee car park at last, although three is the most I’ve seen parked there, usually none. The question is do they know! We certainly didn’t, and not much gets past us.

Please Support Cleveleys!

As our MP says, there is not the support that other local towns get, we get very little as a matter of fact. The passing of the plans for the new Norcross retail site doesn’t help either. More shops will struggle to compete with such a development. But people come from far and wide to our town as they like it so much, which tells you something.

In our house we think Cleveleys is a town worth fighting for. We don’t want to see what happened in our old Yorkshire town, which died on its feet! I so hope that all the things that Jane’s been saying and trying to do something about for so long will start to stick.

A growing group of like minded, committed people are working together and determined to make a difference. Another group of people came together to bring some Christmas Cheer into Cleveleys, they also love their town and want the best for it.

Good luck to them all, they will need it and courage to fight the red tape and all the other things that are thrown at them.

Do you want to help? Join the Care for Cleveleys Facebook group. Show your moral support, find out what’s happening and help where you can.

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    Yes agree with all your Cleveleys comments, I love Our very beautiful Promenade and our charming shopping centre, I was devastated when I heard about M&S closing, do not understand at all, it is always busy, they must have excellent takings. Also sorry to hear about Bon Marche, agree that to have a market in town again, could bring the coach parties back again. What I do not understand is why rates for shops are really high, but agents seem to prefer to have them empty instead of reducing rates. May be when m&s leaves, a market could go in there. It is so sad to see empty shops .
    Hope your poor head is lot better today Christie .

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