Funny Few Days

Funny Few Days

What a funny few days it’s been in our house, what with the Bank Holiday and then Derek’s birthday this week. I’ve not known whether I’m on Thursday, Tuesday or what day I’m on. I know I regularly am a bit dippy when it comes to what day of the week it is, but really, I’ve excelled myself since last Friday.

We had a nip through to Blackpool on Friday of the week before, as Jane had to see a client in the morning. So I had a stroll about until she’d finished and then we went on our merry way to get some lunch. All of a sudden as we walked along Bank Hey Street, there was an ear piercing scream as though someone was being murdered. I wouldn’t like to think how many decibels it was, it was so loud. Realising nobody was being attacked and we wouldn’t be called on to do first aid, we turned our faces to be met by a crowd of young farmers who, as early as lunchtime were already acting like lunatics. They were shouting and screaming at the top of their voices.

Unofficial visit from young idiots

As we walked through town to M&S to have some lunch, we saw more of them acting like idiots. Although I do believe, correct me if I’m wrong, that after their antics in previous years (which were bad beyond belief) this was an unofficial visit.

When we’d had a very nice lunch we wandered off shopping and as Jane wanted to nip into Primark we had an interesting conversation there with the till staff who were talking about the noise. It seems that the farmers like to go through Primark, throwing things all over the place and generally wrecking the shop. While one girl told us about a crowd of them who were staying in an hotel and actually knocked a great big hole in the wall so that they could get through to their mates’ bedroom next door. What can you say. I just hope that as the numbers of them started swelling while we were walking about that they behaved for the rest of the weekend. I wouldn’t hold my breath!

Funny Few Days part 3

When it came to Derek’s birthday, we asked him what he would like to do, as it was raining all day. Choice is obviously limited and being tender little things we didn’t fancy having a soaking from tramping about outside. That wouldn’t have been much fun at all.

Continuing the theme of a funny few days, I was surprised when he said that he would really like to go to the Range! ‘Well’ we said, ‘whatever turns you on’.

It was his birthday and that was where he wanted to go as we hadn’t been before and he’s read a lot about the size of it and what they had there. Off we set in lovely pouring rain, which doesn’t exactly make you feel on top of the world does it, but anything to please my dear hubby. I must say, I hadn’t realised it was the old Homebase, as we don’t go that way very much, now that we aren’t tramping to the motorway like we did many years ago.

Wowser, what would you like?

I certainly got a shock when we went in. The stock is vast with everything you could want. We set off up and down the aisles with our trolley as we knew we would be tempted to buy something knowing us, and we were right. I nagged Jane into letting me buy some kitchen rolls, you know, the thick ones at a bargain price. She always tries to make me run past them as she knows I am a bit addicted to them, especially if they have a nice pattern on them! (Jane: you should see how many we’ve got stacked on top of the cupboard in the utility room!)

We walked past miles of household things with the biggest clocks I’ve ever seen in my life. I did wonder how on earth you fitted them onto a wall in your house as they were massive but as I didn’t want one I passed on to the craft end. That’s when we came into our own.

Getting crafty

We’re all addicted to pencils, paper, paints and all that sort of thing so we were in our element. Paintbrushes, for pictures not decorating, went into the trolley, along with lots more things connected to crafts and we weren’t the only ones. Lots of people were mouching round there too, looking at all the things you could use to your heart’s content.

I couldn’t begin to tell you what was in the shop as they’d got most things, but it was certainly worth going to and we came back loaded up, just as we said we would. We were over two hours in there so with aches and pains all over us and after many pit stops on the sun loungers to rest our weary bones, we eventually made our way out and home to his delicious chocolate party cake, which is a tradition in our house. It might have seemed an odd way to spend a birthday but it was perfect for getting out of the rain and seeing something new!

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