From Good to Bad

From Good to Bad

Once again, Monday was a day that went from good to bad. It’s just what happened last week. You start the day with the sunshine and a spring in your step and by bedtime you’re spitting feathers.

The weather was fantastic here yesterday with all the sunshine. It was really warm and not windy, just the day for the beach clean which my friends were at. I had a stroll to meet them on the prom as I’m not much good at picking litter up these days (silly body and all that). I took my lightweight portable folding stool and had a sit down to see what was happening.

What’s that?

Manor Beach had brought a class of children to pick up things that they thought were interesting and take them back to school in a bag. Then our group will visit the school to identify what they found. The kids love it, and what a way to get across how important ecology is to them, by taking part.

Children from Manor Beach School visit Rossall Beach
Children from Manor Beach School visit Rossall Beach

Brett Davison from Radio Lancashire came to speak to Jane and Brenda about cleaning the beach and the importance of keeping rubbish out of the sea. He was so impressed by the sun and the beach I think he could have stayed and gone for a paddle, but he didn’t!

Brett Davison interviews Brenda for his show on BBC Radio Lancashire
Brett Davison interviews Brenda for his show on BBC Radio Lancashire

Of course we all trooped to the Venue then for our lunch to round off the morning. We had our usual laughs as we were eating, especially when we were shown a photograph of a ‘naughty toy’ shall we say. None of us knew what it was until someone told us, little innocents that we are!!! It certainly caused our imaginations to run riot I can tell you, and gave us a good laugh. To say we are a noisy bunch is putting it mildly but what a way to spend time with friends.

The peace is spoiled

All was OK until I got home and turned my computer on to do my blog and saw that those hateful kids have been at it again in the bus station at Cleveleys. To say I saw red was an understatement. I saw all colours, never mind just red. What do you have to do to stop these mindless morons from damaging as much as they can?

Jane and I were in Cleveleys at the weekend and saw that yet more graffiti had been added onto the boards in the bus station.

Graffiti on the boards in the bus station
Graffiti on the boards in the bus station

Yesterday it was discovered that they have taken yet another panel off the wall as well as yet more and more graffiti.

Panel number 3, ripped off the wall
Panel number 3, ripped off the wall

To say we are all fuming is an understatement, especially as we had a phone call from the police on Sunday to say they know who these kids are. We were told that the police are intending to take action.

In my opinion, the police would take even more action than they are proposing, I’ll leave you to find out what, if it ever does happen. On one occasion when the police were sent for, they were seen to not get out of the car, wind their window down and proceed to be all matey and chummy with them. This is just what I’ve said in previous blogs, and just what we’ve seen on the seafront.

Those boards cost over a thousand pounds to make, and we did all of the artwork for free (which took ages, and oh, yes, we are supposed to be earning a living). The bill to replace the first two that they pulled down was £300 so if they carry on at this rate it’s going to cost an arm and a leg. Where is the fairness and justice in that. In fact here’s an idea, what about they are made to raise the money to replace the whole thing. The length of time it would take them ought to put them off from doing it again.

They came armed with a ladder at the weekend and  climbed onto the roof of the bus station. Why is beyond me unless they fancied a bit of roof-pulling-off as part of their education. We are all getting angrier and angrier by the day especially when this kind of behaviour is happening all over the place.

What does it take to stop all this mindless vandalism? Why, if they know who they are, are they not taken to their parents and made to pay for our boards? And cleaning the graffiti off the brick wall that they must think adds to the decoration, especially the male genitalia that they decided would look nice on there!

The only way to get through to these parents that they are responsible for what their kids do is to hit them in the pocket. Then send them to parenting classes as they obviously haven’t got a clue what their offspring are doing or where they are, no doubt as long as they are out of their way.

Until the parents are taken to court and see that it is not acceptable to have children who are thugs in training, what hope is there. I’m sorry I’m batting on about this, but when you have worked hard and seen what goes into trying to make the town nicer it makes your blood boil. Oh and by the way, they’ve also had a good try to scratch the yellow paint off the newly painted posts, just for good measure.

It makes you despair, what do we all have to do to get rid of this problem before it’s too late?

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  1. Avatar

    So sorry I missed the beach clean, especially as it seemed to be such a very happy experience for everyone! Well said about the vandalism at the bus station. Perhaps an invitiation to the local constabulary to speak to the next meeting and update us on their progress ( Or not!).

  2. Avatar

    Looks like vandalism spreading, walking into town this morning noticed glass in bus timetable been smashed, bus stop outside Briardene Hotel, need Police to patrol round town at night urgently , getting serious now.

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