Flossing and Santas Grotto...

Flossing and Santas Grotto...

It’s one of those mixed bag blogs today. Flossing and Santa’s Grotto…

But first… Sunday was a lovely day, with lots of people enjoying the prom and can you blame them. It’s called enjoying the last of the sunny days, well nearly, and we all said it’s just what we’d have been doing before we lived here. We came on day trips all year round. On a day like Sunday we would have been heading for the hills, that’s for sure.

Foam blowing at Cleveleys
Foam blowing at Cleveleys

Then yesterday (Monday), wow, did the foam blow (above). It was beach clean day, which was a non-event, but we all trooped to The Venue for some more information about the beach management scheme and our usual beach clean lunch.


Now onto other matters. If some of you good people out there use dental floss, I wonder if you have ever ended up in the same predicament that I did yesterday. I use one of those flosser things that are made out of white plastic with the floss stretched between them. I did try the floss that you wrap around your fingers until I ended up feeling like I was doing a cat’s cradle with the stuff. One thing’s for certain, I wasn’t too happy with that, so I went onto those you get from Home Bargains. Like I’ve just described, where you get a million for not very much money.

Anyway, There I was flossing away, a bit like sawing a log into two, when all of a sudden, the floss stuck. There I was, with the contraption hanging in my mouth looking like I don’t know what. I tried sawing upwards to see if that would work, to sort of get it to work its way up my teeth. No, that was no good, it was well and truly stuck. I looked in the mirror and when I saw myself staring back at me with this thing in my mouth stopping it from closing, I did wonder what I was going to do. I couldn’t walk about for the rest of my life with that thing hanging out.

Again, I tried to slowly move it without hacking into my gum, to no avail, it was going nowhere. I knew the fire brigade wouldn’t be too happy if I fetched them out to that, so there I was staring at myself in the mirror wondering how I was going to get out of that one. Suddenly I had a brainwave, to cut it of course, and hopefully slide the floss out from the gap. So there I was, going into my bedroom to get my nail scissors looking very stupid and with one snip, I was saved. I slid it out thank goodness and normal service was resumed!

Santa’s Grotto

It’s turning into Santa’s grotto in our house with the goings on here.

Jane and Kevin turn into Santa’s little elves when they start on the production line. Jane is saving bottles of any description and cutting them up to make various Christmas decorations for the Cleveleys Christmas cheer thing that people are doing. The only trouble is, everywhere we turn there are big milk bottles. They’re either waiting to be washed, drying or clean and waiting to be dissected. As the plastic is opaque, it’s a bit hard to tell.

This morning, Jane was busy peering into the inside of one to see if it was clean, screwing her face into all sorts of shapes to make her mind up. Kevin was busy telling her it was clean, but I think she went deaf at that point and carried on with her peering. I was just staring and wondering when she was going to come out of her trance, which luckily she did. (Jane: I was looking to see if it was dry inside!)

Snowflake factory

She’s busy every night after tea, with all this spread around her on the settee. She’s got her cutting board, various metallic and glitter pens, glue and worst of all a Stanley knife.

Now if you know Jane you’ll know that her first name is Calamity, which says it all. So when she gets a scalpel or Stanley knife in her hand we all groan knowing what is to come.

She didn’t let us down. There she was last week, grinning all over her face, with a cut finger dripping blood, what can you say!

Wait a minute Mr Snowman…

Kevin has invented the idea of making a wooden snowman for people to stand in front of and take a picture should they want to. He’d thought of cutting a hole into it to put your head through, but health and safety matters made us think twice, just in case.

After lunch he drew his design on a sheet of paper, then transferred it onto the computer. I’m not sure why, but something to do with getting the picture onto the wood. He’s drawn a nice picture of a happy snowman with some writing on it, wishing people a happy Christmas from Cleveleys.  Hopefully people will want to stand in front of it and take photos with a Cleveleys snowman and then share them on social media.

He went to the builders place on Sunday morning and bought a big piece of wood, which he has lovingly sanded and undercoated. At the minute it’s a snowman in a snowstorm (completely white!) Watch this space – all will be revealed!

They’re really getting into the idea along with a lot more of Santa’s elves (our friends and anybody else who wants to join in). They’re all making things, so hopefully they can trim the town up and make it more festive than what it is usually. I’m itching to see what happens next!

Why don’t you join in?

There’s a community making morning on Monday 25 November at the Community Centre (from 10am). Then the following week on Monday 2 December everyone is invited to come to the town centre to trim up and put everything up (10am/morning again).

Above all, it’s going to be a fun, happy time for everyone to join in. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve not been to anything like this before, everyone is welcome. Come along even if you just want to enjoy the company and have a natter. If you don’t know us before you get there you certainly will when you leave!

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