Still Enjoying the Sunshine

Still Enjoying the Sunshine

How lovely is the weather this week, apart from Wednesday when it clouded over and today when it’s raining! We’ve had this week off from work and it has astonished us as it’s always awful weather when we have time off. Maybe our ‘jinx’ has gone on its holidays too! We’ve certainly been out and about this week and enjoying the sunshine as I hope you have all been able to do.

Blackpool Visit

We went to Blackpool to pretend we were tourists on Wednesday and goodness it’s all happening there isn’t it. The hotel at Yates site is coming along at a cracking pace, along with the Sands hotel (above) which also looks as though it’s going to be huge.

We saw the new conference centre shooting up at the back of the Winter Gardens which is also going up in leaps and bounds. There’s loads of investment going off at different places too, with quite a few buildings being knocked inside out. All in all, Blackpool is changing slowly, for the better I think. That said, we saw our fair share of what could you call them, maybe drunks, druggies and all the rest, but at least they weren’t bothering anyone.

We all went, including the dogs which is better than them being stuck at home, so we had our usual marathon efforts before we even got out of the house.

How much is that doggy in the pram

People have always stopped to look at our dogs but this week we were inundated with people. I don’t know why but people seem fascinated by them and the fact that they sit in their pram looking round like two nosey parkers. We certainly had our fair share of passers by stopping and commenting on how lovely they were. I’m biased of course, as they are my furbabies.

Drinkie time
Drinkie time

It really amused us when we were sitting on a bench while Jane popped into Boots when a crowd of young people, obviously at college or somewhere, all trooped past us and all stopped to look at the dogs. It must have been a photography course as they all had cameras slung round their shoulders like true professionals. There were a lot of them and then one asked if he could photograph them, quickly followed by the whole lot of them, until we were completely surrounded by young adults, all snapping away leaving me feeling very bemused. I have to say, they were so polite and thanked us when they had finished, along with their lecturers. I bet people were wondering why there was such a crowd round us all clicking away. Maybe they thought we were film stars or something. OK in our wildest dreams, but you get my drift.

The funny thing was that the back wheel on the pram had decided to work loose. Kevin went into all the technical details about little pins not clicking and the rest but I was just concerned that the wheel was going to fly off leaving us with a lopsided pram that was going nowhere! Well we managed with whoever was pushing the pram giving it a good old kick when it looked loose. So there we were, walking through the streets of Blackpool when all of a sudden, Derek or Kevin would give the pram a good kick. What people must have thought they were doing I don’t know, but we did manage to get back to the car in one piece.

Not quite sunny enough for enjoying the sunshine on Wednesday
Not quite sunny enough for enjoying the sunshine on Wednesday

It was really funny though when we finally got back to the car park. Jane and I went and sat down (collapsed) in the car while the men got the dogs out and folded the pram up. All of a sudden as Kevin lifted the pram up to go into the boot, the wheel flew off, straight in front of two people who were walking past! I don’t know who got the biggest shock, them or us, but Jane and I couldn’t help but titter at the men who by now were a nice shade of beetroot red!

Eventually we got home where we just about collapsed into the house after being on the go all day. We’ve had a lovely week with the weather and on Thursday we had an afternoon in, trying to catch up on some overdue jobs. Well, somebody has to cook and wash and iron don’t they, so while Jane is ironing, I was typing this and Kevin had gone out to cut the grass.

Enjoying the sunshine – but it wasn’t that hot!

We did see something funny the other day too when we were walking on the prom at Cleveleys. There was a quite stiff breeze in spite of the sun and when we got to Mary’s shell we thought we were seeing things. What looked like three students were standing against it, intent on doing some photography. Suddenly a girl started taking her clothes off until she was standing there in a bikini! Of course, you have to look and see what’s happening don’t you, especially when you see that on a windy day. It wasn’t exactly bikini weather and I bet she had a few goose bumps looking at the way she was so undressed. All was revealed when they fished a mermaid outfit out of a bag and she tried to manipulate a big fishes tail onto her legs. I tell you, it all happens on our beach front here but a mermaid was a bit unusual don’t you think.

We eventually moved on in case anyone thought we were ogling perverts, which we aren’t might I quickly add, but it certainly gave us something to talk about as we wended our merry way home, asking each other what on earth we would see next!!

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