Emergency Ward 10

Emergency Ward 10

So it’s still Emergency Ward 10 in our house, as Jane is likely to be going nowhere fast until her leg starts to heal. As you know, she twisted it or something and was in agony and now can’t put her foot to the floor at all with that leg.

Well she decided to get some crutches from our old friends Amazon. What did we do before Amazon was invented, you can buy anything you want, even the most weird things. No I haven’t been looking weird things up on their site, but you get my drift in case you think I am being shady!

Anyway, she ordered a pair of crutches the day that she injured her leg. Unlike Amazon Prime they didn’t come the day after but the day after that. To her surprise, there was one black crutch. That puzzled us all as to why it was black when she ordered a pair in silver, and why was there only one. I can assure you she hasn’t got an arm missing, just a bad leg! Of course, Kevin the troubleshooter sorted it out by ringing Amazon who couldn’t understand it either.

In the nicest possible way…

Their stuff almost always comes in a cardboard box but this odd crutch came just wrapped in bubble wrap. That was a puzzle, but anyway, he spoke to them and they said they would refund it without sending it back. They were very good about it too, knocking £5 off the order. That’s the beauty of having an ex HSBC International Incident Manager in the house. He’s so good at getting things done in the nicest possible way!

Lo and behold, today, the day after as promised, the correct thing turned up in an Amazon box with two silver crutches in it, which was what she’d ordered in the first place. We’ve had a lot of things from Amazon and have never come across an order being wrong or not wrapped properly so now we are wondering where the lonely crutch came from! As a result, we have one happy Jane and a spare black crutch. So if anyone wants one they know where to come. Kevin has just been entertaining himself by trying them both out and has spent a happy five minutes whirling round the living room with them. So soon it will be my turn, mmmmmm maybe that spare one will come in handy for me!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Anyway, sickness over, I’m now going onto the fact that Lancashire has apparently been the county that’s lagging behind when it comes to recycling figures.

That’s not very good is it, and did you know that 10 of the worst places in the North West are in Lancashire, now that’s not too good is it. I bet it’s because we struggle to make hubby and Kevin recycle properly, with the worst culprit being my hubby.

If I’m not looking he’ll put something in the wrong bin in the kitchen. We have a normal bin for the grey rubbish and a smaller one for cardboard, or we’d forever be trailing out to the blue bin. He is a bit of a ‘can’t be bothered’ I’m afraid, so he’ll have to have his hands smacked when I catch him doing it again. Jane and I are scrupulous about recycling and it soon becomes second nature to recycle properly.

Blackpool’s recycling rate of 35.8 % makes the resort 262 out of 353 nationwide and the fifteenth worst out of 43 in the North West. Having said that, Fylde Council has the highest recycling rate in Lancashire but is still falling behind the government’s target of 50%.

Pots, tubs and trays

Did you also know that from 1 October, you can put plastic pots, tubs and trays in the recycling. You haven’t been able to before, so along with plastic bottles, it’s about time too. We’ve been saying this for years, as such a lot of plastic couldn’t be recycled, making the public even more confused than ever. You can understand why people are reluctant to use the boxes in case they get into trouble from the bin and box people.

There are just 6 councils in the North West who are recycling enough waste to hit more than the 50% target. So the rest had better get their skates on and get people to do it properly before the government target deadline of 2020, which wasn’t far away the last time I looked!

Thank goodness the green boxes (in Wyre) are to be replaced by a new bin. Yes another bin to find a home for, so where we’ll put ours goodness knows. I wonder what colour they will be when they arrive?

I still firmly believe that companies can do more over time to reduce the ridiculous amount of packaging that they use. Most of it is unnecessary such as double wrapping things etc. We shall still carry on ‘being good’ and doing the right thing, so time will tell if Lancashire can improve!

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