Easter is Finally Here!

Easter is Finally Here!

Well Easter is finally here this weekend and I’m back to doing a blog today as we seem to have got a bit in a muddle over them. As you know, we’ve been busy decorating with one hand and trying to do a Visit Fylde Coast upgrade with the other. Everything’s been upside down but never mind, I’m here now, so off I will go. I thought you might have thought I had dropped off the face of the earth or something, I bet my lot wish I would sometimes!

Isn’t this beautiful weather great, especially after the cold, dull and rain. Of course it would rain on Tuesday as we went to the supermarket and more often than not we get wet.

The shopping trolley is bigger than me! Easter is finally here but we buy that much every week!
The shopping trolley is bigger than me!

It’s the same on Friday when we go out. So no surprise that the weather is forecast to be nice until next Monday, because guess who is having the rest of the Easter week off, yes, it’s us. You couldn’t make it up. The moment we mention having time off, the first in four months might I add, the weather forecast is for rain.

Easter is finally here…

I’m hoping that, as they often are, the weather people are wrong. We, like no doubt lots of other people, are ready for a well earned rest. It would be nice if the sun shone now that Easter is finally here. Fingers crossed.

It’s been really busy out here, with lots of people on the beach and people walking about in short sleeved t shirts and the rest. Derek went for a walk up to Cleveleys to take some photos of the first day of the weekly market. Kevin was left holding the fort while Jane was at the Rossall Beach meeting and I was stuck here, typing.

Cleveleys weekly market, every Wednesday at the Plaza on the seafront
Cleveleys weekly market, every Wednesday at the Plaza on the seafront

One thing is for sure, with the forecast being so good for Easter it will be packed on our prom.  Another thing is for sure, when we didn’t live here, we would have been heading for ‘here’ as fast as our car could bring us.

Let’s go and have a look…

It must have been fate that pushed us into living here. For years we would pass the end of the High Street on the way to Fleetwood and say that we must stop and have a look at the shops someday. Of course we didn’t, not for a long time anyway, until on one visit, Derek said ‘let’s go and have a look’. So off we went and when we discovered the town itself we were very impressed. That’s how our love affair with Cleveleys began.

Our Favourite Shops in Cleveleys

Can you remember Cresta, where Wilkinson’s is now? We used to enjoy a look round in there especially as you could get M&S clothes at reduced prices. We always went there to have a look. When we first discovered B&M, it was by wondering what the queues were as people were queueing to get inside the shop. We soon found out! As I’m talking over thirty years ago, ‘cheap shops’ as we call them, weren’t all over the high street like they are today, so it was a revelation to go in and see all the reduced things inside.

Then, people would throng the shop, making it a very cramped experience, especially at Christmas when the toys were so cheap. Trolleys would be piled high, not like today, when the shop is much better than the basic one that it was.

And that lovely beach!

The next thing we discovered, was on one hot day when Derek said ‘shall we go and look at the seafront’ as he remembered it from being young. Off we went and would you believe that our first visit was when they were putting the new mains sewer in. Instead of driving straight along the prom, we detoured round Thornton Gate, while wondering where on earth the sea was!

We soon found out and that was it. Parking right on the seafront with the sea smack bang in front of us was fantastic.

Rossall Beach at Cleveleys when we first came to visit
Rossall Beach at Cleveleys when we first came to visit

Seafront parking, and plenty of it there was then, but not now. When it’s sunny, as we say, it’s standing room only when it’s nice. We carried on coming here for a long, time little knowing that we would one day live here. It was a set of circumstances that brought us here and eventually meeting our friends Michael and Esther in that very seafront car park which pushed us into looking for a new home. We didn’t know that we were taking part in our adventure to come and live here, and if anyone had told me I would leave the home I loved I wouldn’t have believed them.

Maybe I’ll carry on next time and tell you how we came to buy what was a little bungalow here on the sea front that was totally unloved and dilapidated and had been for a sale for quite a while. We followed a path of fate, twisting and turning along the way as though we were being pushed here. Now here we are, and at 20 years this August the oldest residents among our block of houses. How quickly time flies.

While you’re here…

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