Ear Trouble

Ear Trouble

Jane’s having ear trouble and it looks like some people in Cleveleys have got trouble with being at work! Plus a bit of chatter to start with from Chrissie Towers.

Chatter from Chrissie Towers before I get onto ear trouble

Hasn’t it gone cool, wow, our usual Summer definitely is back! It’s been spitting with rain, blowing and a cold blow as well, so I’m thinking of hibernating until it gets warm again. Does anyone want to join me?

There would be some fun and games in our house if I did hibernate, that much I do know. Two weeks ago, I told my three that I was going on strike for a week and doing absolutely nothing. They could bring my meals to me, and I would recline in bed. I’ll catch up on all my recordings that I’ve not had the time to watch and there are a lot of them so maybe I could stay an extra week.

Of course, as we women do, I didn’t go on strike as I couldn’t stand the consequences of what would happen. On Monday this week, Kevin said to me ‘I thought you were having a week on strike Chrissie’ all delivered with a cheeky grin as they knew well I wouldn’t. I gave him my best withering look and carried on eating my dinner, much to their amusement, I might add.

Ear Trouble Again

Jane’s been having ear trouble again, which she’s prone to every so often, so she’s been putting olive oil in her ears to get out any wax that might be lurking. She then plugs her ears with cotton wool so all week she has been walking around with her ears bunged up. The other night she did the deed upstairs in the living room so there she was, head tilted on one side for ages as she was determined to get the olive oil down into her ear. Of course, Kevin started making fun of her while she was so long doing it, and I did wonder if we were all going to have to tilt our heads to look her in the face when we were talking to her.

Anyway, on Thursday she was supposed to go to a 7am breakfast club meeting at Fleetwood Town, but when she got up she was reeling all over the bedroom. Dizziness caused by her ear trouble had taken her over! She knew she had to give up the idea of her cooked breakfast as she was also feeling rather sick and rotten. She’d also gone deaf, with her ears feeling as though they were full of water. Probably all the olive oil sloshing round in them. No it’s not, I’m only joking Jane, fluid in her ears is something she does suffer from which isn’t very nice. She decided to pay a visit to Boots the Chemist in Cleveleys, to see if the pharmacist could be of any help to her, and she left wishing she hadn’t bothered!

Go to the chemists for minor problems like ear trouble

We are continually told in adverts, magazines etc to not go and ask a pharmacist (not a doctor) if it is something simple, which is what she did. She asked to speak to the pharmacist as she was told to do, to be met by a grumpy lady who wasn’t communicative at all, and not much help. Jane explained what was happening to her to be told my the chemist ‘oh no, we can’t give you anything for inner ear problems’ in her best grumpy voice, then she didn’t even say you need to go to your doctors if that’s the trouble.

Jane went on to add that she didn’t think it was her inner ear. She was getting absolutely nowhere with her and nothing was suggested, so Jane said ‘will that fizzy stuff that you put in your ear work’ to which she was told curtly ‘it might do, you could try that’ at which point she walked off leaving her to sort herself out. By this time Jane was thinking that she wasn’t a very nice chemist!

On the other hand, the assistant who served her was very nice, discussing the fact that she had the same ear problem and used the drops that Jane had decided to buy. So she was left with the feeling that she might as well have spoken to the shop floor assistants and not had grumpy drawers giving her no advice at all. If that is the current way that some chemists behave there’s no wonder people go the doctors for simple ailments which could be sorted out by a pharmacist. I hasten to add that not all are grumpy so whether she’d had a row with her boyfriend or just didn’t like her job I don’t know, but she certainly needed to change her facial expression.

Happy in your work?

Then she went to Grimes for some cooked chicken for Koko while she was in Cleveleys. As you may remember I have had trouble with him not wanting to eat since his heart problem was diagnosed, so Jane said she would treat him and get some. Again she was served by another grumpy assistant who didn’t seem happy in her work, leaving us wondering why people work in shops if they don’t like people.

After all, people buy from people don’t they, and if people are sullen and unfriendly they don’t go back. I will say that Jane had never seen this assistant before and we do shop there regularly. I do wish, for High Street’s sake, that some shops would remember that the way to get people to go back has a lot to do with pleasant shop assistants. Which is just my humble opinion, of course!

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