Don't Break a Fingernail!!

Don't Break a Fingernail!!

Here I am again and when wondering what to write about today I remembered something I had read which quite amused me. Did you know that young men are avoiding doing DIY in case they break a fingernail!

I ask you, how vain is that, it really amused me I must say, or is it an excuse because a lot of young men simply wouldn’t have a clue of how to do any DIY! Did you know that more than a third don’t know how to change a light bulb which astonished me. If little old me can do it, how come young people can’t.

Don’t Break a Fingernail!!

It seems that they are routinely calling out professionals as they can’t even do easy things like bleed a radiator. That was something I learnt to do when I was but a young lass in the dark ages. I always want to know how to do things for myself and not have to depend on someone else. Not only that, a survey found that 34% of 18 to 24 year olds hadn’t even tried to do the most simplest of things!

The grand total of 22% feared breaking a fingernail, while 21% would rather call a decorator rather than do it themselves. On and on it goes…

  • 14% have to get someone in to hang a picture and
  • 10% would pay to have shelves put up.

Here we go again about Blackpool, as it seems that our town, along with Cambridge are the worst for tackling DIY, with 46% not even trying to do it.

Newcastle is the home to 73% who would have a go, with Manchester coming next at 70%. Learning how to do basic things, such as changing a light bulb, can save a fortune. I would be ashamed to admit it, but obviously these youngsters haven’t been asked to help with things when they lived at home!

Mollycoddling Helps No One

I wonder if parents realise they are mollycoddling their offspring to the point they don’t know how to cope when they leave home?

When I got married, I got the shock of my life when I realised how difficult it was to work full time and run a home. I just got stuck in and learned by trial and error. I couldn’t have afforded to get someone in to do basic jobs as we simply didn’t have the money in the early days.

Now I’ve got my violin out, my hubby had basic DIY skills when we got married. But again, because we didn’t have much spare money, he learned quickly I can tell you. He painted and did a good job of making the kitchen more liveable, even to the point of finishing sticking the rest of the work top on the kitchen units on the morning we got married. At least he didn’t come to church stinking of the adhesive he’d used to stick it with, which nearly gassed you when you went into the house.

Crash, Bang, Wallop

One thing we got wrong was having a full length glass door in the kitchen. One night when we heard a noise downstairs, me being of cowardly nature sent him to investigate while I stayed nice and warm in bed. Well, that’s what we have men for isn’t it, to safeguard us in our hour of need!

There I was, ear cocked to one side to see if there were any blood curdling screams, when suddenly there was. Hubby dear had walked straight through our plate glass door, which was closed. In his half-asleep mode he’d forgot there was a door there. I raced down in my nightie to see if he had been coshed over the head or something, and there he was in all his glory, dressed in pyjamas and surrounded by great shards of glass.

Thank his lucky stars, miraculously he hadn’t cut himself severely. That was a marvel in itself, looking at the great spikes of jagged glass still stuck in the frame, looking like massive daggers. I realised he wasn’t bleeding all over the new kitchen floor and set about getting him upright, so that I could see what his injuries were.

The days before health and safety…

Luckily he was fine, but don’t forget, in those old days health and safety was a twinkle in somebody’s eye, as it simply didn’t seem to exist. As a result, shatter proof glass wasn’t on the menu back then, so he was even more lucky that he didn’t cut a major vein or artery.

We laugh about it now, but the consequences of him bleeding out on the kitchen floor would have been too bad to think about. To top it all we didn’t have a phone, so I would have been well helped up at getting help to him. I tell you one thing though, it certainly made him very careful about what he did in the future and woke our young eyes up to the fact that danger lurked everywhere in the home. In fact it turned him into a ‘Safety Officer’!

He still carried on doing DIY, because that was what you did. Paying someone to do it wasn’t an option for most young  couples, so you had to get stuck in and learn fast!!

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