Dogs and Fireworks

Dogs and Fireworks

Did you survive the fireworks then, or should I say those of you who have pets. Dogs and fireworks is not a good combination.

It was noisy here where I live and one of my dogs, my poor little Koko, was very upset. He just couldn’t settle at all. He was pacing up and down the living room and looking all round him and wouldn’t stop or lie down. Then he kept going downstairs if he could sneak out of the door, which isn’t good for his heart or legs.

By the time Derek went to bed, he was truly upset the poor little thing, so Kevin made him a ‘den’ covered over with cloths for him to hide in. Still no good, although Muffin, my other dog, was totally un-phased by the noise. That surprised me, as he even makes a run for it when I use the grill pan as he’s scared of that. He doesn’t like loud noises, vacuum cleaners and lots of other things. So by the time fireworks was over, I was beginning to think that I ought to be looking in his ears to see if they had skinned over or something!

There had been a comment on Facebook about dogs being frightened of the fireworks, and I was surprised at just how many people didn’t care. It seems it was all about their children enjoying themselves, which is OK, but when animals are terrified and inconsolable it’s not funny. I did think that even if you didn’t have pets, it’s only human to think about the animals that are so frightened.

I bet they wouldn’t like their children being terrified and in a dreadful state, which a lot of animals are. I expect the noise will carry on a little while as they don’t seem to have one bonfire night any more and instead go off for days after. Very sadly, a puppy even had a heart attack and died as it was so terrified of the noise. When you hear that, it is serious, I wouldn’t like to think that my dog had died from firework noises. They get louder and longer lasting each year and I for one will be glad when it’s over and done with!

Houndshill Shopping Centre

Changing the subject, I suppose you all have heard the news about the Houndshill being sold to Blackpool council, what a turn up for the books.

I think I must have been living under a bush in our house, as Jane apparently had known for ages that it had been up for sale, but good old me didn’t. It has been sold for £47.6 million which is less than half the price that the last owners had previously paid. This has taken place after months of negotiations and they also become the owners of the car park.

Hopefully, at last, it might prepare the way for the new developments that have been on hold such as the cinema, restaurant and I suppose the new Wilko. I suppose a lot of people, myself included, are saying where will the money come from. It’s the first thing I said, as the council has taken out considerable loans for other projects. The point is that the council will get a good return for their investment and it will help them to carry on important regeneration in the town. Apparently the centre had also gone into receivership so it’s as well someone has taken it over.

It seems that the future of the Houndshill, or should I say the lack of one, has been the stumbling block to getting the new proposal under way. As the current Wilko building is being demolished next year to make room for the new tram terminal on Talbot Road and the building of yet another four star hotel, it’s a good job that they have bought it I think.

How things are happening in Blackpool, which let’s face it was desperate for change and re-generation. Good luck to them, anything that makes the place a better town to be in is OK by me.

Bath Taps

Changing the subject yet again and onto more madhouse things now.

Our new part for my bath tap came on Monday afternoon as promised, but as it was Kevin’s birthday on Tuesday, I didn’t want him doing plumbing. So it was yet another night and morning of cloths, dripping and squeaking taps.

Although I should be used to the high pitched screaming that it’s been doing as I have tinnitus quite badly, so now I’ve got screaming as well as my static, bells ringing and a train going through my head, aren’t I the lucky one!

Anyway, Wednesday came and he’s been in the bathroom sorting the plumbing out. The floor was covered in tools, nuts and bolts of every shape and size you name it, it was there. When he got the old fitting to pieces to fasten the new one on, it was the wrong size.

You could hear me screaming down the prom when I found out. But Kevin being Kevin and good at adapting things managed to make it work, so that’s OK. Eventually he finished and tidied everything up, even cleaning the floor (I’ve trained him well).

Normal service is now resumed. I am now in possession of shiny clean taps as he’s managed to get all the lime scale off thanks to his Dremel, and a tap that you just turn on, the bliss! It doesn’t take much to please me does it!

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