Doggy Haircut Day

Doggy Haircut Day

What a lovely week it’s been with more sunshine on the way, what more could we want. With a heatwave on the way it was doggy haircut day again at Chrissie Towers.

Jane and I, well Jane did the cutting, shaved a lot of hair off the dogs again at the weekend to help them with the warmth. It gets very hot in our lounge when the sun gets round. Poor Muffin especially rasps away when he gets too hot, so drastic measures with the scissors and razor were called for. It’s a bit like doing a military operation.

Doggy Haircut Day

We cover the table in a plastic tablecloth, which is brilliant for not letting the hair stick to it, and by this time Muffin is dancing about in excitement as he knows he gets treats for being a good boy. It’s funny that, I don’t get treats when I’m a good girl, although I’m not sure I would fancy dog sticks! Next comes hubby, who is famous in our house for going grumpy when he has to do something he doesn’t want to, but we needed a third pair of hands, so after a stern warning from me when his voice started going up a few octaves, he sort of behaved. Well he went silent, bless him.

Three man job

Jane does the shaving while I do the feeding and Derek does the holding. It’s a shame I haven’t got a spinning wheel as the amount of hair we took off them both was unbelievable. Especially as they’d their coats cut only two or three weeks ago. I kept going on about turning their hair into yarn and knitting a jumper or something but after the looks of ‘she’s off again, mad woman’ I piped down.

Eventually doggy haircut day was over, although it’s not a quick job. We tidied up and life went back to normal, hubby with a smile on his face!

The dogs look like puppies again in spite of being nine years old. Koko, my little one with the heart problem, seems to have taken on a new lease of life. He looks very much like a Spring lamb, prancing and jumping about as if to say ‘thank goodness for that’. They have such a long thick coat that sometimes we’re asked if they’re too fat. Well come and look at them now, because in spite of telling people it’s their heavy coat you can still tell with the ‘I bet it is’ look on their faces that they’re not sure! As for grooming them, my job by the way along with most things, it’s now a doddle. They look like short haired dogs, more time saved for good old me.

Getting Ready for High School

Changing the subject completely, what does anyone think about the news that Westminster Primary Academy at North Shore are going to impose detentions on Year 6 children?

The staff believe it is tough love, to prepare them for the totally different way of High School when they leave primary school. The parents have had a letter telling them and with the few detentions that have already been given out, the parents of the children gave their full approval. They are only doing this for the Summer school before they leave to go to pastures new and for me, they ought to do it the whole year round. That’s what’s so missing in schools today, no one can do anything about discipline which is crackers, simply and plainly, as the children are in charge and they know it.

The head says it is to remind children that good standards of behaviour are expected both in the school and outside. Parents are given 24 hours notice for detention which only lasts half an hour. For anyone needing help with the child being kept back late because of picking up etc, the school will help out.


The head rightly says that these older children have to learn that there are consequences in life for bad behaviour and it’s not OK to do just what you want, when you want. There are different sanctions for different behaviour. There could be loss of playtime, loss of up to 15 minutes of a pupil’s lunch break up to a detention for the worst behaviour. I personally take my hat off to him as at last someone is using some common sense which seems to be in short supply these days. Children from a young age should be taught that certain things aren’t acceptable and there are consequences for doing it, not just letting them think they have free rein to be as bad as they can be.

Of course, there are loads of parents out there who get that you reap what you sow when it comes to indulging children and bring them up to have respect for themselves and others. But then on the other hand you get the hooligans who have decided to be as bad as they can be here in Cleveleys, without any comeback on them.

No Deterrent

The crowd running round our town doing as much damage as they want to are a typical example, and while they might be in a minority, there should be things in place to stop them creating havoc and being as horrible as they fancy. There’s no deterrent from parents, schools have their hands tied behind their backs, and the police can’t even do much.

I would bring back good old fashioned discipline in schools, where teachers can be the boss and make the parents take responsible for their offspring’s actions. Their parents brought them into the world and should be responsible for how they become, not blame everything and everyone else. Maybe then we could start to get some sanity back into the world, instead of generations of people who storm through life doing just what they want to!!

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