Disasters Aplenty

Disasters Aplenty

You know how things always come in threes? We had our own three ‘breakages’ on Tuesday, plus of course losing the quarter finals of the World Cup last night 🙁

Disasters Aplenty – but one with a good outcome

Isn’t it wonderful that everyone in that cave has got out alive. It must have been awful for them and their parents, so I for one am so pleased for them. It’s just such a shame that one of the divers died while down there, his family must be devastated.

I can’t help but wonder why they were taken down to such a depth in Monsoon season. Don’t you think it odd that when such heavy rain was forecast that the leader would take them into such a cave system. I’m not being critical at all, but I can’t get my head around that fact. Even ancient old me knew that potholing is a no-no when rain is imminent.

I hope they all do well and don’t have any psychological problems in the future. They wouldn’t have got me down there if there were millions of pounds waiting for me, with my claustrophobia I would have got to the entrance, said ‘not likely’ and scarpered for the hills!

My brother did some potholing in Derbyshire when he was young but they wouldn’t have got me down there for a king’s ransom, I prefer to stay on terra-firma with lots of space around me, I don’t know about you!

World Cup Disaster

Did you all watch the England v Croatia match last night? Kevin did, but as I’ve said before, I turn into a soccer hooligan and start screaming at the TV, which is not good for my blood pressure so I didn’t in case I get toooooooo wound up!

I don’t even like football, as when I was young and at home, my dad would have the football on every Saturday afternoon and woe betide us if anyone dare to even speak.

I usually got a slipper thrown at me from a distance if I dared to open my mouth, so it didn’t take me long to be quiet. This went on for as long as I can remember, and I mean total silence so much so that even today, I still can’t stand to hear the music that introduces it and the sommentary when the results are announced. It immediately takes me back to our living room and the total silence in it until the football results finished. This was because he used to pay for football coupons in the hope of winning £75,000. As you’ll remember, Viv Nicholson did, and then proceeded to spend the lot! He did have a few wins of £10, which was a lot in those days to him, and my when he once won £20 he was a happy man! It’s strange isn’t it how things affect you when you’re growing up.

Glasses Disaster

Now down to our house and as you know we say, well we do in our house, that things always come in threes. Well they have done here in the last couple of days.

Derek set the ball rolling when he was down the garden with the dogs while I was out on Tuesday afternoon. Muffin did a poo so he cleaned it up and put it down the manhole of the sewer drain, as we have one in our garden. OK until then, but he bent forward his glasses popped out of his shirt pocket and straight into the sewer!

When I came back he said in his best forlorn don’t shout at me voice ‘I’ve had an accident’ so my heart sank, wondering what on earth he’d been up to, when he told me he had last seen them sailing into the dark abyss of the sewer. He said that one minute they were there and in a flash off they went to goodness knows where.

Kevin did volunteer, with a grin on his face, to fetch them out. Although when he said that he bet his glasses were ‘seeing floaters’ it finished Derek off at the thought! So happy hunting glasses, to see what you can see!

Toothbrush Failure

Next, later on Tuesday, Kevin dropped his electric toothbrush on the tiled bathroom floor and managed to break it straight across the middle, so we had another man (or boy) looking all ‘oops what I have done’ face.

Luckily Jane had a spare, so as the broken one couldn’t be mended (and believe me if it could have been he would have) all ended well.

And finally (for Tuesday), a broken loo!

The third thing, still on the bathroom theme, was Jane’s toilet in her bedroom which decided to pack up on Tuesday night.

She came  running into my bedroom to say that it wouldn’t flush at all and the next thing Kevin was coming downstairs to try to mend it.

I believe he didn’t succeed so yesterday morning it was still out of action! As Kevin was in Manchester all morning on Wednesday it was a bit awkward to say the least. But Jane, ever practical, set to and filled buckets with washing up water and anything else that had been used, to pour down the toilet and flush it manually. This is the mop-bucket full of water from washing her hair – ready on stand-by!

There is another toilet nearby but she is attached to hers and doesn’t like change!

Not a disaster, more of a surprise

Then the gas man turned up  on Wednesday morning to do a service on the boiler, which nobody had told me about. Just as I was about to tell him I didn’t know why he’d come, Jane turned up at the door to tell me she’d forgotten to say someone was coming!

Anyway, as they do when they are trying everything, he had the hot tap running for ages, so enterprising Jane ran around finding buckets, milk bottles, and anything else she could lay her hands on that held water, so that it could be used later to water the garden!

She keeps bailing used water out from everything which is quite funny really, but she is right of course, as we all should try and use water sparingly, so well done Jane!

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