Delayed Posting (but amusing!)

Delayed Posting (but amusing!)

For one reason or another, this is what you might call a bit of a delayed posting – I’m going back to last Friday!

It was a right day, if you remember the rain was lashing down, especially in the morning. We were going to the Macmillan coffee morning with our friends at the Dickens and of course the heavens would decide to open when we were going out, nothing new there then. We got ready and prepared for a soaking and because Jane has a bad leg Kevin had to take us.

Return to Sender

Just before we went out I heard Kevin roaring with laughter at Jane. Quite rightly it turned out. She still couldn’t get her foot flat and ordinary shoes don’t bend enough, so she had got an old slipper on. But, which I’d never thought of, she needed something over her foot that would stop the rain from soaking it. So there she was, crutch on her arm, coat on ready and a plastic courier delivery bag, complete with address label over her foot, fastened on with a rubber band.

It was so funny to see her, especially as she was quite indignant when she said she wasn’t getting her foot wet for anybody!

Which Route is the Wettest

Kevin came up with the bright idea of going out of the front door as it wouldn’t be as far for her to walk to the car in the rain, instead of the back door which is handier for us. What we hadn’t reckoned on was the great big puddle between the front door step and the path…

Of course, I also went out and ran straight to the car, forgetting Jane and her leg. When she finally got to the car, she was ranting that her dad was useless when it came to putting a shoe on her good foot! It had taken him ages, why I don’t know, but again we had a laugh at her expense, poor thing.

We did manage to get into the Dickens without a drama as Kevin managed to get the car near to the door, so off we went. Meanwhile he went and got the shopping that Jane and I usually get. He went complete with list, so even though I thought he had disappeared to Narnia or somewhere, he came back to have coffee and cakes with us at the Macmillan fundraiser.

Cake Heaven

Our friend Vivienne had baked, as she often does, and her chocolate orange and lemon drizzle cakes were gorgeous. That’s the only name for them, they were yummy to say the least.

So we had our usual laughs and nattering, in spite of me giving Jane’s bad leg a kick or two. It was by accident might I add, as she had her leg resting on a chair right next to me. Of course another friend turned up with his stick so it was like the clash of the walking stick and crutches as they seemed to tumble over each other. The crutches, not Jane and Steve might I add.

Macmillan coffee morning at The Dickens

Jane had asked Kevin to buy two tubular bandages for her which he got, although the kind assistant said ‘they are buy two get one free’. To which dozy said, ‘she’s only got two legs’ so I asked if she had thumped him, as I would have! It’s a bit like the other day when he went for a flu jab, after having a very severe bout of flu last year. He was hallucinating and all sorts and was terribly ill, so we told him to get going and do the deed. When he came back, I asked him where he’d had it, as we’d previously discussed various places. His reply was ‘in my arm as usual’ with a puzzled look on his face! What can you say! (He’d gone to Boots, if you’re wondering).

Shocking Parents

Anyway, digression finished, when we decided to leave before we got rooted to the chair, I was once again a terrible, awful mother. I forgot Jane again, as she was balancing on her crutches. I was in front, with Jane following and what did I do, let the door go in her face, forgetting she couldn’t hold it!

Of course, I saw the funny side of it and started laughing while apologising, which sort of didn’t ring true when she was in the predicament she was in. But I did run back to open it for her, even though it was throwing it down. So I’m not too bad a mother in the end, in spite of keep kicking her bad leg, what am I like.

Wouldn’t you know that when we got home it absolutely poured it down like a cloud burst. Hubby was standing by the front door to help her if she needed it so she managed to slowly get inside in the end. Kevin and I chickened out for a few minutes as the rain got worse and worse but we still got saturated in that few minutes between car and door. All ended well in the end as we took our soggy macs off to dry off and went off to have our lunch.

Pastures New

We’re onto pastures new for today’s coffee  morning as Paul, the Dickens landlord has taken over the Jubilee (the new Harvester). It was actually broken into last Thursday night by some hateful people, they’d been taking things there all week before moving in permanently. How rotten can you get, the poor bloke hadn’t even gone into his new home yet and off they go. They ought to be ashamed although I think the rotters that are up to no good round there will get a shock when he does move in as he’s not a man to be messed with. So here’s to our new venue, I’ll keep you posted!

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