Defacing Public Property

Defacing Public Property

Today I’m going to have a bit of a rant about why people think they can go around defacing public property, after incidents in Blackpool and at the new sea wall at Rossall.

But before I get onto that, my goodness me is it hot here on the seafront. I’d hung the washing out the other day and was sure they were drying as I pegged them on the line. No complaints from me though although it is nicer when you can go out and enjoy it instead of doing boring housework or the people stuck in offices or wherever. Jane had a trip to Blackpool on Thursday morning to see a client so she had a lovely day for a drive on the prom. She was supposed to go on Wednesday morning but in usual Jane fashion she forgot. She was reminded at 9.30am when the client rang asking where she was, so a red faced Jane had to admit that she’d forgotten!

Defacing Public Property – part 1

I just have to have a bit of a rant this morning about how tired I am of seeing yet another example of what are we breeding today.

I saw that the new Crossley’s Bridge in Plymouth Road, part of the project to restore a few of the old bridges in Blackpool, has been defaced by graffiti. I don’t mean a small bit of graffiti, I’m talking great big letters on the brickwork, which is an eyesore. Quite a few of the residents are upset about it and quite rightly too, as all it does is make this area look worse than it is.

The ‘tag line’ which is the signature of the yob who has done it is large and ugly but what gets me is why on earth these youths think it’s OK to go around defacing public property. I wonder if they’d do it on their own house walls, I bet not, do you?! The council have a team of staff who go round cleaning all this awful graffiti off, but at your expense. It’s coming to something don’t you think when the council have to employ people to clean muck off property, shameful I call it!

Defacing Public Property – part 2

When Jane saw the picture of the new prom at Rossall she couldn’t believe her eyes. I’d told her about some idiot burning a motor bike out on it the same day the prom was opened, and one of her colleagues from the job had told her too.

What a mess, the bike was completely burned black along with the piece of prom underneath it, which now has a big circle of burnt black flames and ash from underneath the bike.

I can’t for the life in me understand why people find the need to destroy everything when they feel like it. It had obviously been taken there with the express intention of setting it on fire, no doubt probably stolen for ‘kicks’. I’d kick them if I caught them, right in the place where it hurt the most, and then see if they found it was funny.

If this amount of vandalism and bad behaviour is allowed to carry on I dread to think what society will become. It’s not just the here and now, with these youths running unchecked and knowing there will be no consequences, it’s for future generations that worries me the most, what kind of world will it become.

I realise that I may sound like an old woman sucking my teeth, but think on this. Thankfully I haven’t got to worry about children or grandchildren which are growing up and mixing with these hooligans and learning their bad behaviour. Do you? It was bad enough trying to stop Jane from ‘fitting in with the crowd’ 40 years ago, so good luck with whatever your little darling might be getting up to in 2018 with all her ‘mates’.

When Defacing Public Property is a bit tame, what next?

When you’ve started with graffiti and burning out bikes and it all gets a bit tame and you want something a bit more exciting, what do you move onto next?

We hear of stabbings and shootings all over the place, especially in the cities, and it’s becoming so common place to hear the news. By and large, although everyone is sad for the victim and their families, it seems to be a case of ‘oh another one how awful’ and left at that. Not ‘let’s do something about these lawless gangs that seem to take over districts’.

I even heard of the murder of a 73 year old woman in the town where I came from in Yorkshire the other day. This would have been unheard of at one time, so it just shows that crime is changing, and this kind of crime is on the up, don’t you think?

Again, not wanting to sound like a dinosaur, but I much preferred it when I was younger and something was done straight away if any offence was committed, with it being the priority. That of course was if a crime had been committed, which was a lot rarer where I came from. We hear different groups of people coming on TV saying that they are trying to do something about this lawlessness we are going through, but nothing seems to work to me. How about you?

It Does Matter

For the life in me I don’t get why the police don’t come out to so many incidents as though it doesn’t matter. OK cutbacks are a problem, but when the police can see that crime is on the up why do they let people get away with it. Surely crime will increase, unless I’m mistaken, when the felons know there are no consequences. Having said that, it’s not just policing, the whole justice system is crackers.

It might not be much that a person is reporting, but to them it’s their world and their lives that have been affected by it, whether it be vandalism burglary or whatever. I know what it feels like to be burgled and how it stays with you for a long time afterwards so why in heaven’s name aren’t the police hauling them in, and when they’ve got them why doesn’t the criminal justice system do something about them. There is nothing more maddening than hearing the police say ‘we know who is doing it for certain but can’t bring them in because there’s no proof’. What can I say? Not much to that. How about you?!

By the way – we’re having a few days off work next week so blogs will be in short supply. As Arnie would say ‘I’ll be back!’

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