Damage in a Blackpool Park

Damage in a Blackpool Park

I see that Cleveleys isn’t the only place which is having vandalism, after this weeks incident with the signs in the bus station. A group of children have been warned after they continually caused damage in a Blackpool park.

Damage in a Blackpool Park

After plants and shrubs had been torn up by children, the police have been patrolling the park to catch them. Isn’t that park the lucky one. There doesn’t seem to be a huge appetite for stamping out all the mindless vandalism that is going on around here. Although the police did turn out the night after they ripped two panels off the bus station wall, after someone with some authority had got involved.

The trouble is, when the police do show up, they are usually laughing and smiling and having a nice old chat to the vandals, which isn’t much of a deterrent. We’ve seen the police do this on our prom when a gang of young men were being antisocial. Someone had reported them and when the police came they were all ‘best mates and chummy’ with them. As a result, the minute they left they carried on. Now I know that there are times when it doesn’t pay to go in with a heavy hand as it were, but when residents are continually being harassed in their own homes it’s not funny.

Explaining why it’s wrong

Anyway, back to the Blackpool park, they patrolled the day after the kids had gone on a wrecking spree, along with a member of the local school’s staff. The children were then made aware of their behaviour and what it was doing to people who liked to enjoy the park, which is a sensible thing to do in my opinion.

Last year, plants were pulled up out the planters on Cleveleys High Street and nothing was done. They had just been planted by people who care about the town and want it to look nice. There’s a dedicated team of volunteers who weed, sweep up and look after the pots and any other bits of garden in our town. To then find that plants which had just been bought and planted had been pulled up is soul destroying to say the least.

Just why they do all these acts of vandalism is beyond me, other than they can. I just wish the vandalism all over the country could be stopped instead of letting them all get away with it. Somehow I think I will just have to go on wishing!

Chit Chat from Chrissie Towers

Down came the rain and washed poor incy out as the nursery rhyme goes, and my, it’s not half been raining. On the plus side at least it’s washing our dirty sandy windows, so it’s not all bad.

I had to smile the other day when I read the excuses that some people are saying when they haven’t paid their tax bills and are trying to avoid a £100 fine. One person said they were too short to reach the post box while another said ‘my mother in law is a witch and has put a curse on me’! Now I know us mother in laws come in for some stick sometimes, but I hope Kevin doesn’t think I’m a witch. Although it could be something to do with the broomstick parked outside our back door!

Unreliable maids

Somebody else complained that their fingers were too cold to type after their boiler broke, maybe that’s where the tax money went on fixing their boiler! One even blamed a string of unreliable maids. I know how that feels having been a maid for a lifetime, but they won’t let me be unreliable or else!

The taxmen released a dossier of excuses for not paying self-assessment but one that stopped me was when bosses rejected expense claims including £750 for a family holiday to Nigeria, plus pet insurance for their dog! What can you say, he along with many others seem to think it’s OK to have a holiday before paying their bills! Nobody likes paying tax, us included, but you pay it rather than have the wrath of the Inland Revenue descend on you. I don’t think my nerves would stand it!

It’s like the excuses that people say when they ring 999. Some are so stupid that I can’t understand how they dare ring the service. For example, one was that the takeaway had given them the wrong food. One thing is for sure, it will carry on. I’m just glad I don’t take the calls!!!

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