Cruelty to Donkeys on the Beach

Cruelty to Donkeys on the Beach

Today is going to be a bit of an animal day, as I just have to write about the ill treatment of the poor donkeys on the beach that give rides to children. I couldn’t believe that someone could have treated them so badly as they have been treated. It’s shameful to say the least. You’ve probably seen it reported in the papers and on the news this week.

Cruelty to Donkeys on the Beach

Neighbours had thankfully been secretly filming the abuse as it took place, which was shown in court where three people (I would call them another name if I could because they aren’t people) were convicted of cruelty to the donkeys that gave rides to children. The secret filming showed that one donkey called Bruce was targeted for a kung-fu style drop kick, while others were repeatedly punched in the face. Out of the 29 donkeys that were seized, two had to be put down due to the severity of their injuries. Also 16 dogs were taken away by the RSPCA.

The site was surrounded by police, RSPCA employees, vets and council enforcement officers and the owners have now been prosecuted, and I should think so. They ought to lock them up, starve and beat them and then throw the key away, then they might understand how helpless these beautiful animals were.

To the public the donkeys on the beach looked to be well cared for, but where they lived was another matter as their living conditions were terrible and they were subjected to cruelty. Thankfully the remaining donkeys are to be found loving homes, where I’m sure they will have wonderful lives. After what they’ve been through they deserve it, the poor things.

The video that was shown in court showed them being abused with sticks and whips and also kicked in the stomach. One man, Andrew Rainer, repeatedly punched a donkey on the head and face while he held onto it. Suzanna Taylor was also one of the perpetrators and admitted seven offences of inflicting blunt force trauma and physical violence to the donkeys. She was also charged with 11 further offences of failing to provide a proper environment for them, neglecting their teeth, skin and other equine illnesses that caused suffering.

Donkeys on the beach, going home
Donkeys on the beach, going home

The Dogs didn’t do any Better

She was also found guilty of three offences of causing unnecessary suffering to the Pomeranian dogs which she bred on the farm, no doubt to make a lot of money out of them. The poor dogs were covered in bite marks where they had been fighting each other and were kept in wet muddy conditions.

Suzanna Taylor’s daughter was found guilty of 13 charges of cruelty to the dogs and donkeys. Andrew Lomas admitted inflicting blunt force trauma and physical violence to the dogs and was also found guilty of ten other cruelty charges. I bet there were a lot more that weren’t disclosed don’t you?! One of the donkeys that was put to sleep was underweight, no doubt starved, while the other one had an untreated sarcoid growth. Blackpool Council had given them their licence to trade with the donkeys on the beach, while the annual inspection by the council vet gave them the all clear. He was either blind, got blinkers on or the animals were passed off as ‘healthy’.

The day of the raid found the donkeys in the yard where the concrete floor was covered in urine and droppings, while their bedding was wet and soiled. A vet went on to say at the trial that they had been subjected to long term abuse and were in fear of pain.

The dogs were also in a wet, dirty area without fresh drinking water, with one having an untreated bite. They also had matted fur and runny eyes. Of course there were plenty of excuses like ‘the donkeys had a sand paddock’ to play in. She claimed to inspect the donkeys feet every day and spread 15 bales of fresh straw for the donkeys every day.  The Taylors have given up the lease on the farm and continue to deny the offences, in spite of daily video recordings from neighbours.

Pathetic Penalties for Animal Cruelty

The daughter Grace was given 30 days rehabilitation and 150 hours of community service and must pay £500 costs. Her mother had a suspended jail sentence of 14 weeks. (Why suspended, I ask) and must pay £500. Her boyfriend Andrew Lomas has to do 150 hours of community payback.

Also taken from them were horses and yet more dogs kept at the farm, and quite frankly it’s time our archaic laws on animal cruelty were changed. That anyone can treat any animal in that way makes them un-human to me and I can’t tell you what I would do to the lot of them!

I don’t want to cause distress to anyone reading this, as I get so upset myself when I hear of these stories, but until people begin to find out what these animals are going through nothing will ever get done. So I’ve informed the ones that didn’t know, that these beautiful donkeys on the beach that have thrilled youngsters for so many years, can be treated like this. Just to make you think how terrible people can be.

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