The Craziness of Chrissie Towers

The Craziness of Chrissie Towers

Today’s blog is about just a few incidents of craziness at Chrissie Towers… I bet people who come to our front door and don’t know us think that we’re all mad in our house, which wouldn’t be far from the truth.

Craziness at Chrissie Towers

For example, at the weekend, Jane decided to get rid of some of the dead plants and flowers in the back garden to tidy up a bit before the real Winter sets in (by the way, we’ve still got a lot to do if anyone is bored!) Anyway, she put on her old gardening coat and set off cutting and slashing. She’s at her best when she’s got a pair of secateurs in her hand. As she does, she got her long hair (which was put up out of the way) caught in the bushes, pulling it all ways and looking quite a sight.

Hatchet Woman Will See You Now!

She’d just come in the back door when the doorbell rang on the front door and as she was the nearest to it, went to answer the door. It was the postman, whose face was a picture when he saw her, hair bedraggled, old coat on and to finish it all off, a hammer in her hand which she seemed to be waving at him.

She couldn’t tell if he was bemused or terrified at the sight, as he backed away from the front door or maybe he just thought he’d got a right one here!!

Anyway, she explained to him that she had been knocking nails into the fence to tie some plants up from the wind, so he visibly relaxed once he knew she wasn’t going to bury the hammer in his skull! It certainly gave us all a good laugh I might tell you.

Are you Jane?

Which reminds me of the time that I went to answer the door, and got mistaken for my darling daughter.

'Are you Jane?' The Craziness of Chrissie Towers

I always wear my scruffs in the house because I can’t be doing with being uncomfortable when I’ve got dogs climbing all over me all day. So there I was in my joggers and T-shirt, pinny on as usual (and probably with dusters and all kinds stuffed in the pockets) when I went to the door. I did look quite like a char-lady, if I say so myself.

I can’t remember who it was that was stood there, I just remember them saying ‘are you Jane’. I very nearly said ‘no I’m the cleaning lady’. It still tickles me now the thought of it.

Are you Gary?

Anyway back to this week. Later on, we had another visitor, the man who is painting the things in the Bus Station. It’s a long story, but we’ve been storing paint for all the jobs that the volunteers have been doing in Cleveleys in our garage.

I fetched Jane, not knowing who on earth he was, stood there looking like a very busy, dirty workman. She then asked him if he was Gary to which he said no.

Now that might not sound funny to you, but Gary is the man who has been doing a lot of the work in the Bus Station and she has been stopping just about every workman within a mile radius of the bus station, asking if he was Gary.

As a result of her trying to find who Gary was, she’s left a trail of bemused workmen behind her over the last few weeks, who are totally puzzled as to why this woman was asking them if they were Gary. We’ve got to the stage where, when she starts asking all and sundry if they are Gary, that we beat a hasty retreat so that they don’t think we’re all mad!

Or are you Graham?

We were discussing this confrontation at the tea table, and her asking everybody in work clothes if they were Gary, when Kevin got the name wrong and started calling ‘him’ Graham. Cue more laughter from us lot as he looked totally puzzled as to why we were laughing. Our poor mad professor had got the name all wrong bless him, so Jane and I were laughing our heads off, along with Kevin who saw the funny side of what he was saying. My darling hubby never let his face slip, bless him, as he knows we are all crackpots anyway! 0

Anyway, wait for it, Jane struck gold on Tuesday, she found Gary at last! Her quest for the missing man came to a halt when she saw a group of workmen working on the fascia boards in the bus station. When she asked was any of them Gary, they all looked scared stiff and pointed to the real Gary, so thank goodness, we can change the subject from Gary to something else! I hope you are following all this, it is a bit nutty isn’t it!!

How high can a kite fly?

Derek isn’t being let off either, as at the weekend, he was watching a group of men on the beach with these funny kites. (This isn’t one of them it’s just a photo to illustrate the subject!)

Fly a kite - Craziness of Chrissie Towers

Don’t ask me what they were because I’ve never heard of them. Apparently, they have wire instead of kite string, and aren’t really like a kite to look at, but they weren’t half flying high. If I’m wrong about this kite thing I apologise, and I’ll blame Derek as my source of information, but there were quite a few of the kites flying out there. It seems that the object of the exercise is to try and cut the wire of the kite flying next to them, mmmmm a bit odd that don’t you think. And to complicate matters, the men in this case didn’t appear to be doing that when he got his binoculars on them to watch what they were doing.

So this tale was all complicated enough up to here, but the thing that made us laugh at him was his comment ‘they want to be careful or they could have a jet flying into them’. Followed by ‘they should notify air traffic control, they’re going so high’.

He was deadly serious, so when we’d picked ourselves up from the floor with laughing, I asked him when he had last seen a jet flying so low!

Kevin had joined us by this time and had hysterics at the thought of a jet crashing into the wires although hubby didn’t look too amused! To be fair, they were flying very high, a lot higher than a normal kite, but although we get a lot of jets flying round here, I’ve never come across one flying so low, let me know if you have.

Now you know what we get up to in our house. I suppose it is like a mad house so if you want to keep your sanity, don’t come here!

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  1. I like Janes chat up line. If I try that with ‘are you Brad’ I might fine Brad Pitt?

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