Costs and Crime

Costs and Crime

Costs and crime in today’s blog. Increased fees from our local authority and I suppose you could also say the cost of crime too as Fleetwood fights back.

First, Increased Costs

I couldn’t help but notice that Wyre Council are at it again, and raising the cost of various service across the borough. If you want to bury your loved ones ashes in Wyre on a Saturday there will be an extra fee, it seems because of the rise in demand for weekend funerals.

I didn’t know that you could have a service at the weekends, I must be slow on the uptake! Apparently, Wyre Council said the cemetery service made a grand total of £10, 280 loss, so not good there. As a result, they are raising the majority of fees by 1% so that they can get out of the red. There will be a new fee for remains to be interred on Saturday, although what that will be remains to be seen.

Public burials will remain the same, except for a certificate for stillborn babies or those poor little things who died under one month old. Columbarium fees, (don’t know what that means do you?) will stay the same to encourage the sale of new units rather than grave space, which is at a premium. Fees for the mushroom plaques and sundial and babies garden are to stay the same. There will be a review and scrutiny meeting on Monday where the proposals will be discussed, along with more stings-in-the-tail that are planned.

Venue hire charges to increase

The hiring of Marine Hall will be increased by £50 while hiring the Marine café, Waterfront room and the Wyre Bar could cost an extra £50 an hour, wow is it me or does that seem a lot. Car boot rises are to go up, while funeral receptions at the Little Theatre could cost £150 instead of the present £100.

Bowling fees are to be frozen along with the markets in Poulton and Cleveleys, but playing field charges are set to rise by 2.4%.

Plans for Derby Road car park

Also, interestingly, Derby Road car park in Cleveleys could be turned into a long stay car park with new charges of £1 for an hour, £2 for three, and £3.50 for all day. That seems reasonable to me, don’t you think. Although IF the council allow the market to carry on next year, I think they’re hoping to hold it on the Plaza instead of Derby Road, which is a good job as I think it will become more popular with all day parking.

I just hope the council don’t pull the plug on Cleveleys market next year and give it a chance to prove itself. This year it started off late in the season when the weather was so unsettled.  Long term, I think it will be a good thing for the town if the market is allowed to carry on, although I have my reasons for thinking that it won’t. We’ll just have to wait and see won’t we, I hope I am wrong!!

Costs and Crime

Speaking about shops, which I suppose you could loosely call market stalls, I see Fleetwood are taking a stand against shoplifters. Good for them I say, because if the police won’t do anything it’s up to businesses to take action to protect themselves.

It seems that the town has been hard hit by the increase of crime there, which isn’t very nice if you have a business or shop there.

Shop Watch

As a result, Fleetwood Council have given £2,175 towards digital radios to back a new Shop Watch Scheme. They are working with Lancashire Partnership Against Crime and have received money from the Crime Commissioners fund. Again, that’s something that I never knew existed, how about you? Or have I been asleep under a bush. The scheme is set to start on December 1st, just in time to catch the ‘Christmas thieves’ who think it’s OK to take what they want for free, while we all have to pay for it.

For small businesses, continual pilfering can devastate them as they don’t recover the cost, so they want to get the message across that Fleetwood is closed to thieves. Good for them I say, anything to fight crime can only be good.

Police on the ground

Staff will be able to report a theft from their premises using their radios, reporting to two police officers who are to be assigned to the scheme. Wow, how on earth did they get funding for that when everyone is crying out for more police? That’s how it should be, the police doing something on the ground instead of letting things get out of hand.

Posters are going up in the shops to tell the lowlifes that they are being watched in the hope that it will stop them in their tracks. It’s also supposed to work with the CCTV scheme monitored at Wyre, for volunteers to look and see what’s happening. I hope they all succeed in stopping these horrible people so as they say, bring it on!!

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