Computers get on my Nerves

Computers get on my Nerves

Sometimes, computers get on my nerves I don’t know about you. We’d be in a pickle without them, but it’s just like learning a foreign language, especially when they go wrong!

I turned mine on after lunch yesterday to do my computer things and this blog, and went onto Facebook first to see what had been happening in the world.

I could click the ‘like’ button but when I tried to comment, no way, it wasn’t having any. I couldn’t get the straight line (cursor) to go on and off before you type and there was nothing there.

I tried all sorts to see why I couldn’t comment so sent Jane a text. My plea for help came back as ‘try using your trackpad instead of your mouse’ which I did. The lights were on and nobody was at home as the saying goes. It wasn’t going to work for anybody never mind poor old me, who was getting more and more frustrated by the minute. After trying to get it going, with no success, all of a sudden it decided it wasn’t going to be pushed around (the computer that is) and completely jammed!

By this time with time ticking by, I was getting a bit snirped up and thinking that computers get on my nerves, as the blooming thing wouldn’t work so off I went with another text to Jane. In answer this time I heard footsteps thundering across the kitchen floor, which I knew was Kevin, as he doesn’t walk quietly anywhere!

Upstairs he came, like a knight in shining armour, to rescue me from my computer disaster. He pressed some keys and told me it wasn’t working which of course I already knew! Then he told me to close the whole lot down and start again to see if it would clear, so I did. Meanwhile he’d abandoned my sinking ship and went back to the office to work, leaving me with a black screen.

Computers get on my Nerves

There I was with the afternoon disappearing and my frustration growing, sitting there like a proper Charlie, waiting for it to spring back into life and let me do my blog. I had thought of going for a walk around the block as it took so long to come back to life.

The dogs weren’t a bit amused at me and Kevin interrupting their beauty sleep and both looked as if to say ‘for goodness sake can’t a dog get a bit of kip’! I know just how they felt!

Eventually it seemed to be behaving itself so I thought I’d better do my blog while all was well back at the ranch, as another saying goes, so off I went, typing my fingers off.

Lo and behold, two paragraphs in and would you believe it started again. I typed words to be met by them doing a skip and a dance all over the place. Then in my wisdom, I thought I’d better save what I had done as my poor fingers and wrists aren’t a bit happy at the moment.

It wasn’t having any of that, no way. I couldn’t save it at all, then the page started fading away as though it was going to faint (or was that me?) but anyway, it faded, came back and then started bleeping. So I sent for Kevin again, meanwhile muttering the mantra ‘computers get on my nerves’ under my breath…

What do you do if you haven’t got a Kevin?

What on earth people do when their computer is on the blink and they don’t have a Kevin, I don’t know. There would be no blogs, no nothing, as I am dead from the neck up when it comes to knowing how to ‘fix’ the thing. I bet I’m not the only one out there either!

Back he came to rescue me, and by this time I could feel myself being sent into a coma with the fading in and out and the bleeping. I did wonder if someone from outer space was trying to contact me but then I thought I was being a bit too far fetched even for me. So I did my best to stay awake while Kevin was busy tapping and doing things that I thought only Merlin could do.

He was going to try telling me what the problem was and thought better of it when he saw my comatose eyes staring back at him and ended up telling me to just do my blog and carry on as normal, whatever normal is.

He did think it felt a bit hot and wondered if that wasn’t helping, but it was only sitting on my knee like it always does. I know I keep going red hot, but really, I’m not made of such hot stuff! Anyway, he got the fan out just in case, so I had to endure sitting there with a cold Arctic blast blowing straight at me.

When he eventually got it going, I think he was glad to get away from me and ‘it’ to go back to the sanity (well sometimes) in the office. As for me, I’ve ended up writing my full blog about my wayward computer, I just hope it doesn’t start again when I next use it!

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