Community Spirit in Cleveleys

Community Spirit in Cleveleys

What a busy week we’ve had this week. Monday was Kevin’s birthday with lunch at The Venue after the beach clean. Wednesday saw us all at the bus station for the unveiling of the new big map on the back wall. Friday morning it was off to the Regal with friends for coffee. Talk about community spirit in Cleveleys – it’s wonderful!

I don’t know about me wanting ‘five minutes’ my dogs are starting to get a bit browned off with me keep leaving them! Anyone who owns a dog will know what I mean, when they give you that eyes rolling down, feeling so sorry for yourself look, that they aren’t coming out with you!

Anyway, I’ve already told you about Kevin’s birthday on Monday, so to the tale of Wednesday and the bus station.

Community Spirit in Cleveleys Bus Station

After a busy start to Wednesday morning, Jane set to and started getting the trays of food ready for the afternoon. Refreshments had kindly been donated by Daniel from Philip’s jewellers along with some that Jane managed to get from Tesco before they shut up shop.

She fastened the doilies down onto the tray with sellotape as there was very heavy wind forecast. She didn’t want her doilies flying through the air at the first puff of wind! Of course, Jane had to tell our friends that I felt all emotional watching her getting her doilies stuck down and her pretty bun cases sorted with the cakes that we had. It just reminded me of her when she used to play with things like that when she was a little girl, and brought back such memories that I just wanted to hug that little girl again like I used to do when she was little. Not that I don’t get hugs now, but you know what I mean you mums out there, just an odd memory popping up that touched a soft spot.

She’s worked tirelessly for the community and put a lot of work and love into on Wednesday, as she does with all the things she takes on. It had been sunny most of the morning and of course, because we were doing something it rained didn’t it, just as we were starting the opening event. Luckily as we were under cover we didn’t get wet, but it did turn colder.

Thank goodness for community spirit in Cleveleys!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I got there. The very large map had been left covered in plastic which was to be removed at the unveiling event.

Community Spirit in Cleveleys, removing the plastic covering from the sign
Community Spirit in Cleveleys, removing the plastic covering from the sign

But instead there were loads of people all pulling away at the plastic covering which had well and truly stuck to the map underneath in the cold weather. When I say stuck I mean stuck, and it took probably about 50 people nearly two hours to get it off, which put a bit of a twist on it. But Jane, as usual, laughed it off and put it down to experience!

Northfold and Manor beach schools turned up to sing ‘I do like to be beside the seaside’ with everyone joining in, which was nice.

Then Jane started the speeches (or should I say started shouting), thanking all the teams who are involved in keeping the place so well looked after, as they do a sterling job.

Paul Maynard, the MP, was there along with council members and the company who had provided the new metal notice board on the High Street. She went through all the things that the team has achieved between them and as she said, she hasn’t finished yet in her quest to make Cleveleys a lovely, looked after place.

All of the photos are on the Care for Cleveleys Facebook page if you want to have a look at them.

Another job well done

All in all, it turned out to be a good afternoon. Even better was the community spirit in Cleveleys that came out right on cue. When everyone found out that there was a problem with the covering, without a word everyone just got stuck in and helped to get it off, and believe me it was sticky. Members of the team, the guests and even people waiting for buses all helped, with lots of laughs along the way!

I think it’s wonderful that caring people can come together and help their town, to stop it from getting run down like so many other towns in the country are going. It certainly is a good example of what like minded people can do if they work together harmoniously. I for one am a proud mum and friend to the people who do all this. I wouldn’t mind betting that lots of other towns wish they had what Cleveleys has got and I’m grateful that I live here and ‘belong’.

If you’re reading this and thinking that you’d like to ‘belong’ too, why don’t you come along and join in? Anyone can – all you have to do is turn up at one of the town centre clean ups – all of the details are here.

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