Cleveleys Market, Monkey Pox and Wild Mice!

Cleveleys Market, Monkey Pox and Wild Mice!

Well that’s a mixed bag of a title for today’s blog if ever I’ve seen one! Cleveleys Market, Monkey Pox and Wild Mice! Read on to find out what it’s all about.

Cleveleys Market week 3

It was another lovely sunny, if windy, day yesterday after rain in the night. I could hear it bashing on my bedroom windows, goodness me it certainly meant it. I so hope stall holders at the new Cleveleys market weren’t put off by the rain. I just wish the council could put it somewhere more sheltered. It will get worse before it gets better here on the front, what with Autumn now upon us.

Last week was a success with more stalls turning up and the sun shining along with the wonderful young Jack, the busker lad, who has a stunning voice. So all in all it was busy and Cleveleys apparently was heaving with people which tells me that is what people want. Derek went for a walk on the prom to take some photos for Jane for the Visit sites. At least it’s not raining, he wouldn’t like that. In fact he wouldn’t have gone!!

Cleveleys market
Cleveleys market

Monkey Pox in Blackpool

Anyway, today I thought we would have a bit of local news as I’ve not had much to say for a while so here goes. Did you know there has been a case of Monkey Pox in Blackpool, at the Vic? Well you do now!

They aren’t saying whether it is a man or woman, but how on earth they contracted it round here is a bit of a mystery to me. It apparently has no connection to the man in Cornwall who had been to Nigeria and was staying at a naval base, so where the Blackpool bug has come from, who knows.

It’s only the second case of the pox to be reported in Britain let’s hope it stays that way! In September 2017 there had been a large outbreak of the virus in Nigeria with still more cases being reported there. So it is understandable how someone staying in Nigeria caught the disease and came back to England with it.

Of course, anyone who’s been in contact with the unfortunate patient has been contacted by the health people. The patient with Monkey Pox in Blackpool has been transferred into isolation to the infectious disease centre in Liverpool. They are obviously the best equipped to deal with it.

What does Monkey Pox look like?

If you’re wondering what Monkey Pox is, I’ll try and enlighten you. It’s a rare disease caused by a virus which is usually spread when a person comes into contact with an infected animal. It doesn’t spread easily between people, so thank goodness for that! The symptoms appear around 5-21 days after being infected, and include a fever, headache, muscle pains, backache, swollen lymph nodes, chills and exhaustion. Most patients recover within a few weeks and do not need treatment, although it can make some patients severely ill.

I can say one thing, it would be me being ‘terribly ill’ as I’m notorious in our family for getting everything a hundred times worse than anyone else. I always have done, and it’s not funny. If Jane sees me talking to someone who isn’t well she tells me to move so that I won’t get infected!

Creaking Gates Last Longest

I can guarantee that if one of us gets something, I will be the dope that ends up in bed three times longer than the rest of us. Why, I don’t know, but I have a quite poor immune system. My mum was always telling me that when I was a baby the doctor said to her that I would go through life catching everything under the sun, and was he right. I don’t know why he said that but I had more illnesses than you could shake a stick at while when I was young. Then when I got married, my next door neighbour asked my mum why I was always catching things. I know one thing, I wasn’t making them up, who on earth would want to be ill if they had no need, I certainly wouldn’t. And so it went on for the rest of my life unfortunately. But they always say that creaking gates last longest, so I’m ‘getting creaking’ as I would like to stay around for a long while yet!

Wild Mice

Back to my other bit of news. People have been bidding for a carriage from the Wild Mouse ride which used to be at the Pleasure Beach.

It was put on eBay on Friday to be auctioned to raise money for charity. The car, named Libby, has six attracted bids of more than £4,000, which isn’t a bad amount for a little car.

All the money will go to the IAAPA foundation charity which provide scholarship and career mentoring opportunities for young people within the global attractions industry which I must admit I’ve never heard of. Anyway, another car, Mousey No 2 was auctioned last month and raised £4,800 for Give Kids World charity, for children with critical illnesses and their families to have week long holidays.

There are another six still in storage so what will happen to them I don’t know, but what a good way to preserve a ride which had been going from 1958. I never went on it as I’m giddy enough without being shot round and round on high sharp corners. It was a well loved piece of the older part of Blackpool Pleasure Beach, one that I’m sure won’t be forgotten.

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So there you have it. What do Cleveleys Market, Monkey Pox and Wild Mice have in common? Well nothing really!

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