Cleveleys is Blooming!

Cleveleys is Blooming!

Jane was out early-ish on Tuesday to join the team who have been working so hard to make sure that Cleveleys is blooming. The pots have also been filled on the plaza, and very nice they all look too. Jane can’t usually go as she works full time (and more besides) but played truant this week to support the team as they get ready for the judging for Britain in Bloom.

The amount of litter picking and cleaning that’s been going on for the last few months is amazing, talk about dedication. While it’s been so dry, they’ve been out with a bowser watering the plants on a daily basis to keep them looking their smartest before the judges come on Friday. Coincidentally it’s also Jane’s big birthday!

Cleveleys is Blooming because volunteers have worked hard planting and watering
Cleveleys is Blooming because volunteers have worked hard planting and watering

Maybe they will have good luck and get an award, they deserve it with the amount of work they’ve done. The big pots have even been washed. Jane had a happy couple of hours washing the benches and clearing the moss from under them!

Cleveleys is Blooming with Hard Work

The amount of litter and weeds they have moved in the last few months is unbelievable. Even more unbelievable is the way that some people throw rubbish, tab ends, you name it they throw it all over. One man was caught sitting on the pot near to Boots with all his backside resting on the plants! The amount of people who just happily throw down tab ends and rubbish when the group are cleaning under their noses has to be seen for crass behaviour. They just don’t care.

Flower bed on Rough Lea Road
Flower bed on Rough Lea Road

Jane and I told one street trader to take his bags full of tat off the planters as he’d plonked them there to sell stuff. The pot was full of flowering plants which he was happily going to crush until she told him off. The thing that really gets my goat is when people dump food papers and cans and there’s a bin a yard away from them. I wonder how they would feel if we dumped our rubbish in their front garden or living room, I bet that would be different! People are always grumbling about the ‘green men’ as they’re know, or rather the litter police. If you don’t want a fine for dropping litter, don’t drop it! They have certainly helped to tidy the place up – love them or loathe them.

Everywhere is Blooming!

Anyway, the volunteers should get an award for effort as there has been plenty of that. Good luck to all my friends who have worked tirelessly to make the place nicer. By the way, the message does seem to be getting through, as the town is largely litter free with lots of people saying how nice and clean and tidy the town is now. So well done everyone. There’s more about Cleveleys In Bloom here.

Obviously I’m writing about Cleveleys because I live here and we’ve been involved in this years In Bloom entry. But it’s not just Cleveleys that’s blooming – all of the Fylde Coast is. Practically every town and village is hard at it right now, weeding, litter picking and watering to do their best in this years competition. The whole of the Fylde Coast looks lovely, so well done and good luck to all of you!

My Favourite Subject

While I’m having a mini rant, I’m going on to another pet subject of mine, toilets.

Before you all start groaning, I wonder how many of you have gone to the Danfo toilets with a twenty piece coin to find it has gone up to 30p? Now unless I’ve been living under a bush for a long time, I haven’t seen this price increase advertised anywhere, I don’t know about you.

I did find out the hard way though, as I needed to spend a penny as they say. With my money in my hand, I got to the toilet door to see that is was now 30p to have a pee, well it does rhyme well doesn’t it. Luckily I did have a ten pence coin with me so I was OK but what about all the people who haven’t? This was the Blackpool borough Danfo toilets, I think ours are still 20p in Wyre, but they might have gone up too. I don’t know, do you?

Disabled toilets and tv licenses

Our council in Wyre, bless them in their wisdom, was going to cancel the free entry to disabled toilets with a radar key. But after a cabinet meeting they decided not to. Lots of disabled people rely on this service, especially if they have problems. What with TV licences having to be paid for again, it makes you wonder who is going to come up with what next to fleece the public. Incidentally, having managed one year of a free license, we’ve already had a letter telling us to pay next year.

I wouldn’t mind, but then they’re paying stupid enormous wages for people on TV, and the managers. To me they are doing the fleecing. So stop all that and TV licence concession could be restored. But, in your dreams I suppose!

Anyway, one thing is certain, they will do just what they want, with the public having no say in the matter. It doesn’t matter which public body it is, to a large extent they could all save a heck of a lot of money just by getting their houses in order, but I think there’s a fat chance of that happening do you!

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    Thanks Chrissie. It’s been a fantastic group effort and a fantastic group putting in the work. Whatever the judges say, we’ve made the town look spectacular.

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