Cleaning up Cleveleys

Cleaning up Cleveleys

The Care for Cleveleys Town Centre Team all turned out on Tuesday morning to have a fettle and carry on with their mission of Cleaning up Cleveleys.

Jane managed to join them for once, to have a good old clean up of places outside the high street that had grown weeds and one thing and another. After all, the team can’t be everywhere all the time can they. They’d hoped that some other volunteers might go to help, but in the end it was the same small team.

A lifetime ambition – cleaning up Cleveleys

We had a good old laugh at Jane the day before, as she decided to get halfway to her dream of becoming a cleaning-up-the-town-lady with her trolley, brushes and shovels. That’s when she retires that is, if she ever retires! I know, it’s something to aspire to, keeping the streets clean, but someone has to do it don’t they!

I could hear some clattering and banging going on outside so I decided I’d better see what I was missing, and there was Jane with the fold up sack truck trolley thing that you use to carry heavy things about. She had put one of our large empty fish food buckets onto it and was deciding how best to strap it on, when out came Kevin with a wicked grin on his face and a great big length of cord.

I did wonder if he was going to strangle her but no, he’s not that fed up yet, so he asked her still grinning if she would like him to fasten the bucket onto the trolley with his brand new rope. The bucket was apparently the carrying chamber to put her equipment and a smaller bucket in for the rubbish collected from cleaning up Cleveleys.

Everything under the sun

She was like a good girl guide (except that she only made the Brownies and even that didn’t last long) but something must have stuck as she had everything under the sun with her.

A large pop bottle of soapy water to wash anything dirty that might need it, trowels, forks, gloves you name it she’d got it and looking at her face, it took me straight back to when she was a child who loved doing all that sort of stuff. She was a born do-er and organiser right from day one, and still is. If she sets her mind on doing something she does it, and with speed might I add. She came in beaming all over her face as she said she was halfway to living her dream.

Cleaning up Cleveleys
Cleaning up Cleveleys

Tuesday morning came and unfortunately I couldn’t go as I have had a lot of pain this week and can’t use my wrists and hands so I’d be no good trying to use them. I couldn’t even get the top off the sauce bottle that was already opened, so wielding a trowel or whatever was off the menu for me. Lots of pain elsewhere and that’s me, it’s a blooming nuisance when you want to do things and can’t, but I knew if I went I would just be a spare part standing there like a great lummox so I stayed put.

Jane went round cutting all the many plastic ties from the fences that people had left when posters had been taken down, while some had just left old ones up for someone else to do. I did wonder what people thought who saw her scrubbing the filthy phone box at the side of B&M… She did a few more similar jobs that had been ‘getting on her nerves’ so was a happy bunny! All in all, she said she’d really enjoyed her morning out cleaning up Cleveleys, it was a nice change from the office and something to show for everyone’s hard work.

To finish off, Michelle from Uppercrust provided them with a cup of tea, while Debra from the Crumbly Cheese shop sent lemon drizzle cake over for them, wasn’t that nice of them both. I bet it was well received.

I must say that the town centre is looking a lot better and last Friday morning, Jane and I commented that there was hardly any litter about. Maybe it’s true what they say that if there is rubbish everywhere people think nothing of adding to it but if it’s tidy, people tend to not throw stuff on the floor. Let’s hope the latter applies in Cleveleys to make our town a nice place for everyone. Well done to all who took part in caring and I’m just sorry I couldn’t be there.

Small things please small minds

I’ll finish my happy Wednesday story on a bit of a cryptic one but if the cap fits, as they say…

Do you ever wonder what goes on in the mind of people who think it’s OK to write something on a blog that makes fun of people from all walks of life?

You have to wonder what kind of sad life they live that they have to try and ‘entertain’ their readers by poking fun at people, and often in a nasty way.

I heard about one such posting this morning and quite frankly, it was downright distasteful, so much so that I won’t repeat it. I do wonder how they find the time to do all the posts they do all the time as it must be very time consuming.

Personally, I don’t care all that much when they are having a go at me, which is fairly frequent. If insulting people while being faceless and nameless turns them on and gives them a kick, so be it. I just feel sorry for the people who can’t take it, because not everyone can turn the other cheek to online bullying as I can.

I suppose I should be flattered that they take the time to read everything that I post and then make fun of me, but I couldn’t care less. I know what I am and do and say, whereas they obviously don’t know who or what they are, poor things. Never mind, they might get over themselves one day. Or trip up big time.

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    It was a lovely morning and the drinks and cake were really appreciated. We get a lot of compliments when we’re working in the town. But could the community buy a few tasers for use on the people that drop litter even when they see us litter-picking?!

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