Cleaning out Wardrobes - Part 967

Cleaning out Wardrobes - Part 967

Today’s blog is cleaning out wardrobes – part 967. A horrible job that I’m getting to the end of!

After a bit of dull rainy, cloudy weather the sun is out this morning and it’s lovely. It doesn’t half warm the living room up. Of course it will be mostly dull this week as we’re having the last of our holidays for this year. Christmas will be next for us, after a long four months of work, yuk!

The weekend was a stay in one for us as my lot are all feeling the effects of working long hours. So we looked a bit like Rip Van Winkles times four. Derek was asleep, Jane had a nap, I was typing and Kevin brought us a cup of tea. What a wild life we live don’t we, but happy with it, I might add. There’s still the rest of the week to enjoy going out, so we enjoyed a weekend relaxing!

Cleaning out wardrobes – part 967, 8, and 9!

Of course, back to the main subject of today’s blog, I carried on with my wardrobes over Saturday and Sunday. I was determined to do them and even though I’ve sent a stack of stuff to the charity shop, it doesn’t look that much better, although I know it must be!

I have floor to ceiling, built-in cupboards which hold an enormous amount of stuff, but the trouble is, when you put things at the back of the shelf, you don’t see them until the next time you have a clear out! One cupboard that I was dreading doing is a set of shelves, and being as I’m five feet tall, even from the top of the steps I had all on to reach the back of the top two shelves. So with the danger of me falling off, I carried on while thinking that if I fell, I would have plenty of clothes on the floor to soften the blow!

I mean the ones I was getting rid of, I don’t usually have my clothes stacked up on the floor, just in case you are wondering. That cupboard has held my jeans, both old and new with the oldest stacked on the back of the shelves ‘just in case’ I decided I might need them. Do you know the feeling?!

From the Ark?

The trouble is, when I finally got them to ground level I had to try them all on, as some of them probably came from the Ark and I joke not. It was a good job I did because being a lightweight the majority were now far too big for me. I had my ‘reckless’ mood on which was as well because if I don’t feel ‘in the mood’ I can guarantee that I will put them all back, hoarder that I am. I think I shocked my lot as I have got rid of such a lot of clothes. They know I find it hard as I’m a sentimental old so and so! I really meant it this time, so with arms flying like windmills, I threw this, that and the other out, leaving more space to move things from other cupboards that were also full to overflowing! There is some logic somewhere in that. Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Derek gave me a hand with some of the awkward stuff, so while he was in the room, I set him on cleaning the windows and mirrors. Well you have to keep them busy don’t you. I packed in cleaning out wardrobes before tea and was I ready for a sit down, I can tell you.

Sunday morning and then into the afternoon saw more of the same, with me tackling yet more wardrobes and cupboards. They seemed to be endless, but I was still in ‘that mood’ that I need to make me ruthless when it comes to getting rid of things.

Again, before long I was ready for stopping, and it was only my sheer determination that made me carry on as by that time my poor body was well and truly rebelling. The trouble was, only me could sort them out, so I was kind of stuck with the job.

Cleaning out Wardrobes and Dark Corners…

Another day came so I tackled another corner cupboard, which is a nightmare to me. You know, the one that you push everything to the back of that you aren’t too fond of but don’t want to get rid of? Well that one.

They are very handy, but getting into the back of them is hopeless as I’m sure anyone with a corner wardrobe will tell you. So I’m afraid that was one that I didn’t empty, apart from the front bit. That wardrobe has two hanging rails in it so you get double the amount of clothes in it so having emptied the front, I could have got at the back (if I wanted to!)

I hope this all makes sense, but I know what I mean, not that it is any good to you if you don’t. Anyway, my ruthless streak came out in me, and again I was happily filling my charity shop bags while thinking that someone would get some real bargains! Eventually that was finished, as was I, and with only my shoe shelves left to do, which was too big a job for one day, I signed off for my dinner.

It’s a lovely feeling knowing when you’ve finished cleaning out wardrobes, knowing that you’ve had a good throw out and can manage to move your coat hangers on the rail without having a fight with them. I’ll tackle the shoes another day as enough is enough!

(Can I just add at this point that if you don’t already know I’m a terrible hoarder. Most of these clothes will easily be well over 10 years old and a lot more than that in many cases! I’ve had enough space to save them for ‘just in case’ so I have done. And now my cup runneth over – so I’ve been forced into having a throw out!)

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