Chrissies Chit-Chat

Chrissies Chit-Chat

It was Monday afternoon when I typed this and I’d not been back long after lunch at The Venue with my friends, and very nice it was too. Jane and I shared a Cumberland sausage baguette which was really tasty. We shared because, be warned if you fancy one, it’s a long baguette filled with sausage, plus side salad and chips. If we ate one of those on our own we’d have to be rolled back home! Now I just want to have a nap as a full stomach, the sun shining and hearing the sea gently splashing on the pebbles is better than any sleeping tablet, believe me! I was all for having a bit of ‘time off’ time when it suddenly dawned on me that it wasn’t Tuesday and I hadn’t been to the supermarket at all. It was indeed Monday. It must have been wearing makeup and coming in to two excited dogs and feeling sleepy that fudged my memory. So when I realised I wasn’t going to have a nice boring afternoon, my brain woke up and said to me ‘get cracking Chrissie’ no time off for you yet!!

Weekends at Home

So here I am and wondering if you all had a nice weekend. We had a quiet one at home, doing not a lot for once. Jane is weary as she was never in last week, going to one long meeting after another, so for once common sense prevailed and she stopped. Well, I would say ‘stopped’ but of course she went into the garden doing some tidying up, because the bushes that Kevin nearly got scratched to death pruning have turned into Triffids and sprouted everywhere.

Hedge in our back garden
Hedge in our back garden

She’s a dab hand when she gets her hands on a ball of string and some secateurs, there’s no stopping her. She even had the very big steps out so I knew she meant business! She was as happy as Larry as there is one thing she loves and that’s weaving and plaiting the hedge into orderliness, and a good job she does too. I had a lazy afternoon and did some colouring and a bit of this and that, with Sunday being pretty much the same.

Cancel the sheep – the lawn’s been mowed

I did go in the front garden with her on Sunday afternoon as I fancied a bit of fresh air. I sat there in all my glory, while Kevin cut the grass at long last. I thought we were going to have to get a couple of sheep or goats or something to sort it out it was so long. After a few subtle hints like ‘when are you going to cut the blooming grass’ he went out and did it. To be fair he is ultra-busy and has been for some time, but I was worried the neighbours might think we were turning the garden into a field!

Iris flowering in the garden
Iris flowering in the garden – it’s one from a bulb rather than a rhizome

As usual the weekend melted away at a rate of knots. Have you noticed that the days fly like lightning at the weekend and then slow down for a week day. It’s quite weird is that, so I think we should have week days for weekends and weekends for work days. How about that, does anyone fancy joining the crackpot and turning the weeks round!!

Railway Disaster

Anyway, back to my hubby, the bearer of all news to do with crime and disasters. He was so upset at the news that a host of model railway men in Lincolnshire had the hall where they were staging an exhibition of their displays broken into and ransacked. The pictures are awful to see. Those poor people have spent a lifetime of building streets and towns for the railways to go through and bought and cherished exact replicas of trains at no cheap cost. They’ve seen louts smash and break up the whole sets and even smashed their trains.

Derek likes model railways and has had his own in the past where he made churches, shops, buildings and all sorts of things to line the path his trains took. His was quite a small set but you can see from the photo that it was all immaculate. Everything was made from scratch. He’s always had a thing for buildings!

Derek's model railway layout
Derek’s model railway layout

Hours and hours and hours of work and love go into these models believe me, and to smash the lot to smithereens, even their treasured trains is awful. What makes hooligans vandalise something just for their fun of it. Words fail me, they had left nothing untouched and if you’ve ever been to one of these exhibitions, the sets are large and detailed to within an inch of their life. They really are good and fantastically reproduced.

I just don’t get what warped pleasure these idiots get from smashing something literally to smithereens like they did. However they’ve been caught and I sincerely hope they have the book thrown at them, which I suppose won’t happen, which is one of the reasons crime is rising. £13,000 has already been donated to these people to help replace and rebuild what they have lost, so there are good people out there who care.

Here we go again in Cleveleys

We’ve had our own mini crime wave again here in Cleveleys. Hubby informs me that yobbos have been rampaging again and someone down Thornton Gate has had all four tyres slashed on their car. Someone else near there has had their car broken into and so it goes on and on and on…… you get the drift. When will the police waken up and see that they need stopping, as crime is escalating round here where there was hardly any before.


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