Chatter from Chrissie Towers

Chatter from Chrissie Towers

It’s a mixed bag of chatter from Chrissie Towers today, with the absent minded professor, an afternoon out for some and sad news for one family.

Jane and Kevin are still having Senior Moments it seems, as they both carry on doing odd things. Kevin has always been like it so we don’t think it odd that there are so many Senior Moments in one so young…

Yesterday Jane was looking up at the sky trying to see the helicopter which was making rather a lot of noise, until she discovered it was a petrol lawn mower next door but one. Oops, she still keeps looking to see what the noise is when it’s actually the washing machine. She’s always been very sensitive to noises but really. Maybe it was a flying lawnmower who knows.

Kevin is still being Kevin, nothing unusual there then. Last night after tea he was working and decided that instead of working in the office he would work in the living room and enjoy the sea view as it was such a beautiful evening. There he was surrounded by everything he needed to work with when he realised he’d got everything but his computer. We had a good laugh at his red face as he went off to the office to get it. It’s hard to do a website without it me thinks, what a lad.

What do you need to take when you go to the vets?

It reminds me of the time when my brother asked him if he would take their dog to the vets.

It was a very large Lassie type collie, no mistaking him as he and his coat were so big. Of course Kevin said yes and drove off the end of the road and up the hill and suddenly realised that he’d not got the dog and had to go back for him. Talk about a red face, I wouldn’t mind but he filled the back of the car so how he hadn’t noticed he wasn’t there I’ll never know. I suppose at least he didn’t take the ‘invisible’ dog into the vets or he would have looked a proper Charley don’t you think!

An Afternoon out for Some

Sadly I missed an afternoon out that we had been looking forward to on Sunday, as our friends Brenda and Keith held a cake and tea afternoon in their garden for us and our friends. I’m still not there in the recovery stakes and decided it would be best not to go. They had a lovely time and what a beautiful day they had too.

Looking on the bright side, my dogs were happy that I was at home with the upstairs doors wide open letting a lovely draft through, so it was fine by them! I kept wondering what I was missing, especially on such a sunny day. Sad as I was not to go, I had a good rest on the settee with my feet up and caught up on some TV recordings that I’d not watched, with the dogs snoring their heads off beside me. At least they were happy if I wasn’t!

Chatter from Chrissie Towers - Cleveleys beach, summer 2018
Cleveleys beach, summer 2018

It was lovely to watch people enjoying the beach. Cleveleys seems to be getting busier and busier lately, I think someone must be passing the word on to come here (it’s probably that Visit Cleveleys website… lol). Kevin loves to hear the sound of children’s voices wafting on the beach as they play and have fun, good old family time like we used to have with Jane when she was young.

Sad News for One Family

How sad to hear of a 19 year old boy dying in a house fire in Cleveleys on Saturday. We did wonder what was happening when we heard the sound of a helicopter very nearby (and yes, that was a real one) although the engine sounded very odd to us all, not like the usual helicopter noise by a long way. Derek was first up as usual to see what was happening and found out that it had landed on the bowling green at the Masonic Hall (I bet they were pleased about that on a manicured bowling green, but needs must of course and people must always come first). When we realised it was the Air Ambulance we were curious to know what had happened and courtesy of Thornton Cleveleys Chat on Facebook we found out what.

No one seems to know what started the fire, although it was said that there were some loud bangs before, and despite the heroic action of passers by, the fire was too fierce to rescue the poor lad. He lived with his mother and she must be distraught imaging what had happened to her son, anyone would be. It’s hard to imagine what happened when the fire took his life. We all feel so sad for the family who belonged to him and hope it soon comes to light as to what happened to the poor thing. We couldn’t believe it when we found out what had happened, especially to such a young boy, as no doubt you all are who have heard the news. As we always say, there’s always something happening to someone all the time, but what a way to end your life, so sad for them.

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