What's in Store for Central Car Park?

What's in Store for Central Car Park?

I must start today’s blog by saying goodbye to our lovely friend Val, who sadly lost her battle with cancer on Sunday.

Me and my friend Val in happier days, caught out shopping
Me and my friend Val in happier days, caught out shopping

She was such a special lady to us all and will never ever be forgotten. She never gave in and was so strong and our lives will be the worse off now that she’s gone. One thing’s for sure, she’ll be giving the angels up there what for, and then giving that grin that we all knew and loved. She is out of her troubles now and I’m sure will be flying away with the angels. We all miss her so much and are so sad.

So What’s in Store for Central Car Park?

Now back to my writings again. Did you know that the plan for the redevelopment of Blackpool’s central car park site as a new leisure centre is almost ready for unveiling, according to Town Hall chiefs.

Deputy leader of the council, Gillian Campbell, has been to Florida to discuss proposals which she says will launched immediately. I bet she had a nice time while she was there too don’t you! Two officers also joined her in Orlando from the councils’ Growth and Prosperity scheme. The results of their trip will be discussed at next Wednesday’s full council meeting, where the proposed plans for the car park will also be discussed.

While they were in Florida, they went to an International Association of Amusements, Parks and Attractions conference to finalise the arrangements for the launch. While they were there, they also visited suppliers for some of the developments that are to be in the proposals, so that will be interesting. I wonder if they could resist popping into the Disney Theme Park while they were there, what an opportunity! The plan for the car park has been kept secret since November 2016, when the council negotiated an exclusive development, but they didn’t say who that was with.

Simon Blackburn says that contracts have been drafted up for the scheme, which he says will have ‘world class’ attractions. Some of which will be the first of their kind in Britain.

Bring on the Regeneration of Blackpool

Wow, my curiosity is in overdrive, I don’t know about you. I’m all for the re-generation of Blackpool, as you will know.

My question though is, where on earth are they going to put all the cars that currently park there, as it’s a rather large car park, and that’s putting it mildly! It will certainly be interesting in the coming months to see what the town is in for, although I’m not quite sure where the massive funds needed for all this will come from.

The people of Blackpool will be throwing another wobbly when they start doing all that work right in the heart of the town. They’ve had enough of road works now, what with the closures seeming to all come at the same time. I don’t know when the councils plans will come to fruition (and wonder whether they do either) but one thing’s for certain, any plans for making the town a gambling centre have well and truly come to a halt, as the casinos etc were going to be built there. Visitors will want to rob a bank before they come on holiday to Blackpool, as there are so many attractions to see, all of which have to be paid for!

I’m just glad I’m not bringing young children here as it must be a nightmare trying to pay for everything that Blackpool has to offer. But on the other hand, you can’t help but admire the investment that’s being made for place to continue as the country’s favourite seaside resort.

What with new hotels going up and trams going up Talbot Road and all the rest of the investment it’s to be hoped that more visitors do come to make the spending worthwhile. I must say, my curiosity is killing me as I wonder what the council have in store for the town next. With a lot of locals complaining that the council puts visitors before residents, I would imagine that it will have to be a softly softly approach before the ‘natives rebel’ ! Although of course without the visitors, a lot of the natives wouldn’t have a livelihood – but that’s another story!

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