Can't get into the Noticeboard!

Can't get into the Noticeboard!

Well the wind has died down at last although there is still a breeze but lovely sunshine to go with it and very pleasant outside. As a result of the heavy winds part of our fence came down between us and next door, and some at the bottom of the garden. So Kevin spent Saturday afternoon mending it all. All I could hear was this bang bang, tap tap but eventually he declared it all back in working order, hopefully! As it turned out sunny on Sunday, Jane and I went to Cleveleys to put some posters up in the new noticeboard in the town centre. She did the one in the car park as well which went swimmingly, but the one on the High Street, well that was another story. Let’s just say we can’t get into the noticeboard!

The sign board was made for the Coastal Community Team that she chairs, which is a group of volunteers who are improving the town we live in. It is very nice and has been made by apprentices at a firm called WEC Ltd which make the poles for CCTV cameras, among other things. They gave it us for free and a lovely noticeboard it is, that is if you can get in it!

The sun was shining and there we were standing by the notice board, me with the new posters that were going in it while Jane had the key to open it to put the posters up. They key isn’t a proper key, it’s very much like a key for bleeding radiators if you know what I mean. It goes in the corresponding rings which we could see on the metal door.

Help, we can’t get into the noticeboard!

Well, she turned and turned, going from one side of the board to the other and try she did, believe me. Meanwhile people were passing by, wondering what on earth we were doing with much amusement no doubt, at the sight of us trying to find a way to get into the thing. Eventually a man, who was watching all this going on with his partner and child, came to us and asked if he could help. I did feel that he sort of thought that we were two helpless women and he would open it in a trice, but no. He also turned and turned and nothing happened so eventually he left us to it and went off as if to say ‘well that didn’t work’! There obviously must be a way to get inside it, but we need to find out what it is as we can’t get into the noticeboard for love nor money!

It’s a very handsome sign board and we are so grateful for it, as a way of informing visitors and residents alike what is going on and where things are. It’s something that’s been lacking in the town centre for a long time.

A lesson to us all

As we’d drawn a blank, Jane took the posters back to the car and left me having a sit down in the sunshine. I hadn’t been there two minutes when an old lady came and sat next to me, so like you do, we started chatting. What a character, it turned out that she was 98, climbing up to 99, and didn’t look or act it. She certainly had a lot of fire in her belly which was probably why she was still with us!

She went on to tell me that her washer had leaked while she was out and the floor was wet through along with the towels she’d used to mop up with. Luckily her niece came and took her wet towels home with her to dry them. When I asked who had cleared the water up she said ‘me of course, there’s nobody else to do it! Delivered as if to say what a daft question. She then got someone to mend the washer but it leaked again the day after so she was flooded again and had to sort that out.

She then went on to tell me that she’d had a leak on one of her windows and the workman who mended it charged her £100 to put some silicone in, which she was outraged by, and I would have been too. Talk about daylight robbery and taking advantage of a vulnerable old lady, they should be ashamed. She was very indignant about the whole thing as she certainly was no push over and bright as a button.

I could only admire her dogged personality, that you just got on with it no matter what life threw at you, after all, what alternative is there when you live alone? She just reminded me of an aunt I had that was very fiery and lived to be 91, so I think she should be the role model of showing today’s generations what life is about. There’s only one person you can count on and that is yourself. Sort your problems out, don’t whinge and get on with it. I think we all could learn a lesson from such a wonderful old lady about what life is really like, and she’s a good example to us all.

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