I was reading about a lady who was on a tram full of secondary school idiots, as I will call them. She had her children with her when they started bullying a disabled lad who ended up on the floor. The lady told them to stop being bullies so what did they do, they turned on her and gave her a mouthful of abuse, along with calling her a slag.

What on earth is wrong with parents that they allow their children to run wild and be as bad as they want to be without doing something about it? For once I’m speechless, that bits of kids can be so brutal to a young disabled lad, and then come out with a torrent of abuse when someone tried to step in and stop them.

I bet their parents are really proud of the way their offspring are turning out. I personally would have murdered Jane if she had acted like that, well maybe not murdered, but when she’d had the wrath of me I’ll bet she wouldn’t do it again. This culture of letting kids go out vandalising, thieving, bullying and abusing is disgusting.

Mob rule when bullies take over

The kids think they run schools as there is no discipline allowed there. Whose daft idea was it to banish disciplining unruly pupils I wonder, because they must have been mentally insane. It was a licence for mob rule and bullies to take over. I’ve watched many programmes where kids run riot in classes, do what they want, answer back to teachers and all the rest, because they know they can’t be touched. (Jane: and through work we’ve been in to lots of school classrooms where we’ve seen just this with our own eyes).

Isolating them in study places is useless as they just carry on. Whether it’s attention seeking or wanting to be top dog goodness knows, but it’s time that parents and schools dished out a good old bit of corporal punishment.

When I was a young lass in the dark ages at junior school if you were naughty (which was always boys) you got a sharp rap of the ruler on your knuckles. The ruler was made of wood in those days so you got a hefty clout. It made children think twice before doing it again I might tell you, and the rest of us who behaved didn’t want to be shown up in front of everyone and sting from the ruler.

I’m not saying that schools should go about thumping children for the fun of it. And before anyone shouts at me, I know there are a lot of good kids out there who do behave. But what deterrent is there for the ones who don’t? Not so much that makes them think twice when they are being horrible.

Back in the dark ages…

When I went to grammar school, which was pretty much like Rossall School to look at, we didn’t need disciplining because we were well behaved or else. Just the teachers glaring at you was enough to make you stop in your tracks. Bullying didn’t exist, nor graffiti or picking on others. And as for doing what the horrible kids did to that boy and woman this week, it just wouldn’t have happened. We had a strict code of conduct at our school and you obeyed, whether in school or out of it. I had well over a mile to walk from sch0ool to the bus station and we had to walk two abreast on the pavement. Had to always wear our ties and berets, stand up for other passengers if the bus was full. There was no eating in uniform outside of school, and so it went on.

As a result, we did what we were told because that list of rules was normal to us. The need for our headmistress to appear to have well mannered, polite children in or out of school was also normal. Carrying on like they do today would have sent the school into orbit, it just wouldn’t happen.

While I know it’s too late to turn back the clock and bring my sort of upbringing back into the picture, something needs to be done about the lack of discipline that some kids experience.

If you don’t want to look after kids, don’t have them

Is it just too late to make all these children behave who are terrorising neighbourhoods, being abusive, bullies, vandals or whatever? I read an article recently about schools rebelling, saying they shouldn’t be left to do the parenting that some parents can’t be bothered to do, and I agree wholeheartedly.

It seems that in some cases they have to toilet train youngsters, teach them how to use cutlery and a whole host of other things that parents should do as part of their responsibility as parents. Somebody needs to waken up and smell the roses before it’s too late, because if this is allowed to escalate, where will we all be in years to come? I dread to think.

Please don’t think that I am against all children, I’m not. The demographics speak for themselves and there are a lot of smashing children out there, well brought up and behaved. But the feral ones need sorting out before they become the spice users, criminals and drop-outs of tomorrow. As do the parents who seem to think it’s OK that schools should do the job of bringing their kids up. I know what I would do, my ideas may seem old fashioned, but they work. And, not to harp on a subject, but parenting ought to be on the curriculum, along with some discipline!

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