Building Houses

Building Houses

It’s been all go in our house as usual. Today’s blog is about the clean up after the wind, and building houses. No, we’re not moving (shudder the thought) more the miniature variety like the ones above!

My two lovely men went out to clean the mess off the windows that the heavy winds and sea had caused last week. It makes such a mess and is sticky and oily to feel at and sets like concrete. When we saw the foam start to blow, we all groaned as we don’t like all the work it makes.

The dirt left behind by the sea foam
An example of the dirt left behind by the sea foam

It’s like doing the Forth Bridge as we have a lot of windows, all round. It was blowing like snow all over everyone’s houses so no doubt there were a lot of people moaning in sequence with us.

Push her into the sea

It’s a good job our house isn’t rendered because if it was I think by now my two men would have pushed me into the Irish sea and held me under. They know what I’m like and would want it all cleaning off, what a massive job. As a result, I’ve never been tempted to have our house rendered and will stick to bricks, thank you very much. Kevin once cleaned a full house for a neighbour with the jet wash and it took all day!

Kevin is more tuned into me and what I like and don’t like. Whereas hubby would just pretend it wasn’t there and go on as if everything was perfectly clean. I wish I could switch off and be laid back like he can, it must be wonderful. Anyway, knowing what he’s like, I gently hinted, or should I say told him to go out and clean the upstairs windows at the back of the house, while Kevin had started fettling the front.

Windows, windows everywhere

I then imparted the knowledge that he could perhaps also clean all the back windows. That’s not a small job either, I can tell you. I saw his face start to look crestfallen as he knew it was less time for reading his papers or being glued to his iPad. I swear that thing’s been moulded onto his wrist as he never puts it down! The upstairs windows were done by lunch time and to my surprise, he went out and cleaned all the back ones without me nagging at him. Maybe he’s sick and tired of hearing me going on and thought it would be as well to just get on with it and get the job done.

It might have made a mess but the sea did look stunning when it was so windy. There were the biggest waves you’ve seen, all white crested waves and crashing onto the beach. I was just glad I wasn’t on it or in it, that’s all I can say!

Mr Model Maker Building Houses

Still on the subject of our men, Derek has started building houses. Or rather, making models of seaside cottages and lighthouses and such like.

He’s making them out of driftwood that he keeps disappearing to collect, offcuts of wood and all sorts of bits and bobs to add to them. He’s always loved modelling things so he’s in his element. He keeps vanishing like the disappearing man and comes back with rosy cheeks clutching a variety of stuff washed up from the sea.

The intention is to sell them in our online shop the Seaside Emporium and I must say they are very nice. He’s a stickler for attention to detail and it shows, even to hanging a washing line out, with tiny clothes pegged on them. I must say that house is my particular favourite, which one do you prefer? They aren’t finished yet and in the shop, currently they’re still in the workshop.

Kevin meanwhile is trying to do a new website in between work for clients, while Derek is busy building houses!

Wombles of Cleveleys

It’s quite funny because the other day him and Kevin came back with two large planks that had been washed up from the sea. Luckily they had taken the car as they went quite a long way, or they would both have been bow legged by the time they carried them back. What plans they have for them I’m not sure, maybe they’re going to start building houses for people – but time will tell I suppose. Watch this space.

I must say it’s nice to see my hubby engrossed in something else instead of work or iPads. A friend came round the other day and he showed them to her and her immediate response was ‘can I buy one’ so hopefully that will happen when they go in our shop.

Moving the beach

Of course when he gets back from the beach he thoroughly washes them after all, you wouldn’t want any old wood in them would you. Outside the back door we’ve now got all shapes and sizes of different types of wood hanging about everywhere while they dry! If he keeps on scavenging our garden will look like the beach before he’s finished!

Building houses for the Seaside Emporium
Building houses for the Seaside Emporium

The room he uses for his workshop is also like a junk yard with glue, paint, scalpels (yes real surgeons scalpels) string, nails, tools and Uncle Tom Cobley and all. Luckily I can close the door on that mess and pretend it’s not happening. I’m not so sure about the garden though!

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    Lovely little houses. Used to love making things for doll houses. What about a pub with miniature barrels outside?

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