Building a Wildlife Pond

Building a Wildlife Pond

Wasn’t it delightful at the weekend, lots of lovely sunshine. Jane was pleased as she could get Kevin into the garden to sort her wildlife pond out. I say pond, it’s teeny-tiny but just what she wanted and has been nagging for the last three or five years. It was one of her birthday surprises that Kevin came up with as she’s pestered continually to have one.

Shopping for a Wildlife Pond

We have a pond for the fish with filters and all the lot, but she wanted what we had in Yorkshire, a little wildlife pond.

Now our garden here isn’t exactly what you could call big so Kevin and I got our heads together to decide how big it should be. Should it be a pond liner or a pre-formed shape, and lastly, where to put the blooming thing. I did warn him that he was making a rod for his already broken back as he would be the one to dig it out, clean it and all the rest. After a few face pulls and groans, he decided to go on with it and buy something.

Now Kevin, love him, has to research for about six months before he does anything (and I’m not exaggerating). So we pored over pond liners, shapes, sizes and all the rest of the stuff that you need to set one up.

I think I mentioned that Jane and I had been to the aquatic place last week to get some oxygenating plants which are vital to a wildlife pond. They keep the water nice and clean. It’s funny but until I started with keeping ponds (and that must be well over 30 years ago) in my ignorance, I didn’t know that fish would die without oxygen, well you wouldn’t would you. After all ,they are underwater not breathing our oxygenated air so it seemed to make sense, why would fish need oxygen under water? I soon learnt that they certainly do or it’s fish for supper for a few days! They just won’t live, so in our fish pond (among other things) we have a gadget that blows oxygen directly into the water, result, happy fish.

Our Microscopic Wildlife Pond

Back to our microscopic pond anyway. Outside they went, armed with all the stuff they needed to make the pond for Jane. Kevin had the foresight to get some sand and cement on Friday so that he could bed the stones in around the edge to make it look less like it had been plonked down and left, which would have looked odd.

And before anyone asks, the pebbles haven’t come from the beach, they’re what we’ve dug up in the garden, believe it or not!

Meanwhile, Jane was busy doing tying up the bushes and trees with her string. As she said, if the leaves dropped off, the garden would be full of bits of string where she had intertwined branches to fill gaps in. She goes through balls and balls of the stuff.

I set Derek on cutting some Honeysuckle down outside the bedroom window. It was trying desperately to go as high as it could. I warned him before he went out to keep calm. He’s famous in our house for getting rather wound up when he’s doing something he doesn’t want to do!! I bet some other people out there would say the same. Some men, especially when they’re getting on in age (as hubby is), are experts at trying to duck out of things.

Anyway, I’d been decidedly under the weather and still was, so when I finally did go into the garden, I was plonked in a deckchair and told to sit!

Digging and Doing

Kevin then had the job of digging some of the turf up around the pond so Jane could plant the succulents we’d bought last weekend. The poor lad was sweating at the nose end as he was digging and doing! Jane happily started planting her plants up and I swear it was like watching her when she was a child, organising and happy with her trimming up.

Of course, by now the pond itself was by now full of soil, cement, dirt and expanding foam… Mr Fix-It had come up with the idea of padding around the sides with the expanding foam to stabilise it and to provide some insulation in winter. It did seem to work!

Building a Wildlife Pond

And so Sunday) dawned and it was emptied and cleaned out before she puts her pond plants in. I must say, now it’s finished it does look very pretty for a small pond. The rest of the garden looked like it had been in a whirlwind by the time untidy Kevin had finished! Whenever he does a DIY job, he’s one of the messiest people I have ever known. He surrounds himself with every tool in the garage, just in case he needs them. And he does things at the speed that a Jack Russell would dig a hole in the garden!

I just looked round and thought that the garage must be empty judging by the tools, bags of soil, rubbish garden waste and all the rest. Eventually they tidied up and came in.

Then, the poor lad, he came into the kitchen this morning sporting an arm brace as his elbow was killing him! Oh no I thought, not another walking wounded! But Jane is thrilled with her birthday present – in spite of his injuries!!

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