Brown Stuff and Graffiti

Brown Stuff and Graffiti

Today I’m writing about the idiots that we have living around here, as I am pretty steamed up about them. We’ve had a spate of brown stuff and graffiti in the bus station, and more online harassment from the local ‘parody’ account.

Can you remember me talking about the Coastal Community Team, chaired by Jane, which is hell bent on making Cleveleys an attractive seaside place to visit? She and the team of volunteers who are working with her are doing everything they can to make our town a better place to live in. A short while ago, you may remember the unveiling of the large boards on the back wall of the bus station. They show people where they are in relation to the bus station and how to find their way about. It’s a large colourful set of boards, filling practically the length of the back wall.

Anyway, when they were installed we did wonder how long it would be before hooligans decided to write on it, well we didn’t have long to wait.

Brown Stuff and Graffiti

Someone had said to have a look because there was ‘brown stuff’ smeared on them. So last week as we passed through the bus station we had a look and saw ‘brown stuff’ along with graffiti on the sign.

I thought Jane was going to have an explosion and disintegrate, with me a close second let me tell you. Not to be content with writing on it they had thrown something sludgy, brown coloured and wet all over the whole sign which had run down in great streaks and into which they’d tried to scrawl words.

Brown stuff and graffiti on the bus station sign at Cleveleys
Brown stuff and graffiti on the bus station sign at Cleveleys

As you can see in the top picture, someone had even written a phone number on it, scribbling on the sign.

I did wonder if they carried a pair of step ladders around with them to reach the hard places they weren’t tall enough to reach. After all how handy would they be when they wanted to smash, graffiti and all the other rotten things they do just for a ‘laugh’. David Walmsley, who used to be our local councillor, was so disgusted he spent 45 minutes cleaning it all off.

Damage, part 2

The day after, someone reported that they had tried to pull the boards off the wall. What is wrong with people today, why do they take such great delight in wrecking things that people have worked hard to do.

These boards took months to sort out as they had to go to different groups and all the things that these things have to go through. Then they had to made and cost an awful lot of money, so thanks for that you rotten youths, I hope you are proud of yourselves. These kids are always hanging round the bus station and car parks, but of course the police don’t want to know as usual. It’s all right saying it’s petty crime but when they know they don’t get into trouble for it, their awful behaviour escalates, as we all know.

More money

Then you get Clive Grunshaw wanting us all to pay more to get more police. That’s OK but the money never seems to go where it’s needed, which is  out on the streets. Why not start with the bosses and managers, as in all public bodies. Get them to manage properly and stop unnecessary waste to free up money to put people back on the streets.

It’s too easy to blame the government every time someone says something in public departments isn’t working. I think most people are sick and tired of reporting crimes to be told ‘we don’t cover those any more’. It’s not just the police, the whole public services system, law, health, everything in my opinion, needs changing to stop the apathy and waste of money.

No action on Defibrillator Vandalism

I feel quite sure this will never happen, but when you see all the crime that is going on around us something needs to be done about it instead of saying ‘government cuts’, don’t you think. When our defibrillator was smashed on the seafront, it took £1,000 and a public fundraising campaign to replace it.

Someone had the youths caught on CCTV camera doing it and had seen them in the act. The police said ‘we’ll come and look at it’ so guess what, they didn’t come. The kids could be identified and taken in but no, silence from the police who we used to turn to when we were in trouble.

Personally, I would make the parents responsible for their children’s antics. Then I would get the offenders to put right what they had defaced, smashed and all the rest of it. Then I would make their photos public for everyone to see just who is making our lives a misery, that would be a start. You don’t tell me that parents don’t know when their kids are roaming the streets at all hours in the night and not at home, because I wouldn’t believe them, would you. If this wave of petty crime isn’t stopped, where on earth do you think it will end? I dread to think!

A word about Public Toilets

Thank you to everyone who responded to the call for opinion about local public toilets. Your comments have all been passed onto Wyre Council for them to do whatever it is that they’re going to do next. I’m sure we’ll find out in due course.

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know that I did a blog this week on the subject. It’s a running joke with our group of friends. Largely because, as beach cleaners we have a professional interest in sewage. Particularly how much of it washes out onto our beach for us to pick up the plastic litter. Plus of course all the multiple heaps of dog poo that kind owners leave behind.

So special thanks go to the local ‘parody’ account for poking fun (again) at all pensioners, and me especially. Wouldn’t you think that as someone working in the NHS the writer would have more sensitivity. And you’ve got to wonder how much of it they do on work time (while we’re on the subject of wasting public money).

Loo’s is a running joke with us. For many people it’s the root of a disability that’s embarrassing enough without having fun poked at it.

And last word goes to the weather

Hasn’t it been cold, particularly at night, it’s so nice to be warm and tucked up in bed. You can only feel how awful it must be to be homeless and have nowhere to go. Nobody should be out on the streets in this weather, no matter what they have done in the past.

Our drive, the garden, buildings and everything, has had the thickest white carpet of frost I’ve seen here. I’m thinking of taking some cardigans out for my fish. They must be frozen but at least we have a pond heater which stops it from going too cold.

The sun was glorious yesterday though. Makes you think that Spring is on the way!

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  1. I can’t get my head around it all. Either they come from families of the same ilk like father like son mother like daughter in which case these reprobate parents must be very proud. Pride seems to be a thing of the past these days when you consider the amount of people who can’t even be bothered to get of their pyjamas .

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