Blackpool BHS is to be B&M

Blackpool BHS is to be B&M

A bit of good news for once in today’s blog. We’d heard it some time ago, but it’s happening, Blackpool BHS is to be B&M.

But first, the heatwave. It’s still boiling again, the weather, not the pans on the hob, in case you are wondering. It’s been so hot on the seafront that we couldn’t go and sit on the balcony, or more likely that we didn’t want to melt into a puddle of blood and gore on the decking! You can tell that I like horror stories can’t you, most people would say a puddle of water but then as usual, I’m being realistic me who knows there wouldn’t be a pool of water. Oh shut up Chrissie and stop rambling!

It reminds me of my youth when all we ever had were long hot Summers, starting usually in April and going on forever more. We are enjoying it while it lasts, although it looks set to be nice next week and as it’s Jane’s birthday, she’s hoping for a nice day to go out on.

Blackpool BHS is to be B&M

Anyway, enough of the wandering mind. Have you seen that changes are happening and the old Blackpool BHS is to be B&M? Well it is. Jane told us some time ago that it was on the cards that B&M were having it, and apparently they have now closed the one that was on Bank Hey Street (below) for the rebuilding work at the Sands, who of course are building a new hotel.

Former Poundworld and B&M stores, Blackpool BHS is to be B&M
Former Poundworld and B&M stores, Blackpool BHS is to be B&M

We passed BHS a couple of weeks ago (13 June to be exact) and our two men didn’t manage to clock that the windows had already been either replaced or painted, which is no surprise as they don’t usually see things unless we say ‘look at that’. In this case we noticed and although we aren’t Sherlock Holmes it still didn’t make us think it was anything else than B&M.

The clue was in the colour which we pointed out to the men. It was done in B&M bright blue although I do believe that more windows have been added and with the three entrances recently having been painted, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that what Jane said was correct.

At the moment there isn’t an opening date apparently, but with 61,000 square feet to go at it must be a super store. When you think of how big the shop was before, it makes you wonder how on earth they will fill it, but I expect all will be revealed soon.

I bet the council are happy that the place has been taken over as it was a very big shop, as you all know. Hopefully it will tempt people to go to that side of town as there are enough empty shops in the place as it is which all contribute to make the town look neglected. I just wish, from my own personal taste, that they wouldn’t plaster the massive B&M signs all over the windows as I don’t like that look. I was surprised when they did just that at St Anne’s on such a prominent corner of the town!

Conference Centre Hotel Approved

While I’m talking about developments in Blackpool, it looks as though the hotel for the conference centre on Leopold Grove, Adelaide Street and Alfred Street has been approved for the next stage of detailed plans to be submitted.

The land is currently being used as a car park so obviously that will go, but with talk of a 203 bedroom hotel, they couldn’t do much else could they!

Of course a lot of the nearby small hotels are worried, as anyone would be, at the thought of a brand new hotel with all the whistles and flutes that it will have. Planning officers say that it will give the town centre a better quality of accommodation along with providing rooms for conference delegates.

The hotel is expected to be three and four star, will have leisure facilities including a health spa, café, bar and restaurant facilities, and parking for 62 vehicles, accessed from Adelaide Street.

The new conference centre has already got its first booking  in place for its 2019 opening. Next years Tourism Symposium would be held there, with the centre being able to accommodate 7,000 delegates across 12 venues. As we know, the extension to the tram lines can only make the place more convenient to get to.

Let’s hope that it does help to rejuvenate the town as it badly needs it and as for the smaller hotels, my bet is that a lot of people who are more ‘comfortable’ going to a traditional hotel will carry on using them. At the end of the day, if they make their hotels too good to be resisted that can only be for the good of everyone!

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