Even Bigger Tram Extension Plans

Even Bigger Tram Extension Plans

I see that more plans for even bigger tram extensions are on the cards, with a new multi million pound proposal to extend the existing one. MP Paul Maynard has submitted it to the government, so who knows what will happen.

Even Bigger Tram Extension Plans

The suggestion is that the bed of the old railway track between Fleetwood and Poulton be used for the bigger tram extension plans, along with converting the Kirkham to Blackpool South railway line from trains to trams too. I don’t think that the Poulton and Wyre Railway Society who are trying to get the trains to Fleetwood from Poulton will be very happy.

Even Bigger Tram Extension Plans with a new Fylde Loop, proposed by Paul Maynard MP
Even Bigger Tram Extension Plans with a new Fylde Loop, proposed by Paul Maynard MP

Towns across Fylde and Wyre would be linked to the new ‘light railway’ (ie tram) system as part of a new Fylde loop. My they’ve got their work cut out with the state of the continual missing trains etc that everyone has had to put up with. It’s also hoped that it will ease congestion on the roads, which can’t be a bad thing can it. Although I love the convenience of my own car from door to door, so I would have to think about that one.

It also seems that it would be far cheaper to do this  than restoring the Poulton to Fleetwood railway line, and cheaper than building a passing loop on the Blackpool South line which is also being looked at by rail bosses. Of course, it would connect these towns which would surely benefit them as they would be more accessible.

The value of bigger tram extension plans

The scheme would cost hundreds of millions of pounds, wow, but I think the powers that be are seeing that the tram ways on the prom are so successful that it would be the chance to extend it further. Along, of course, with the tramway extension currently being built at Talbot Road.

I’ll say it again, after all the noise that was made when they first started running on the prom. People came out of the woodwork to complain about them and I said continually to give them a chance, as they are far better than the old trams, and more comfy. Now all the doubters have gone back to sleep and have realised that they are the best thing to happen since sliced bread as the saying goes. The new trams are fast, regular, clean, easy to use and so on. Plus we’ve got the best of both worlds as the Heritage Tram service is going from strength to strength as a visitor attraction. So if there is the chance to extend it to Poulton etc, why not let them!

Chatter from Chrissie Towers

Back to our house and all the carry on that goes on here. We’ve started the New Year off with a bang, with us being generous enough to pass colds and coughs to one another.

Jane started first with a sore throat, quickly followed by Kevin, then Derek who doesn’t do suffering very well, although he has got a nasty chest cough. Now it’s my turn with the sore throat and runny nose and a head cold that’s making me feel rotten.

Splash, bang wallop!

I suppose I didn’t help myself much when I decided to go  jet skiing on the kitchen floor! There I was with my bucket of water and cloth in one hand, crouched down to clean something on the floor so what did I do. I lost my balance and went flying, knocking the bucket over as I tried to stop myself with no luck might I add. There I was floating off on a tide of bleachy water which by then had gone everywhere and I mean everywhere. How is it that a teaspoon of liquid can cover such a big area? Well imagine a bucket of water and how far that went.

When Chrissie fell in the bucket!

There I was sitting in a pool of very wet water, well it would be wouldn’t it, with my trousers absolutely wet through, along with my knickers. It had gone down my legs, into my slippers and socks you name it, it was everywhere! Kevin came rushing to see what I’d done to find me laughing, covered in water.

He set to mopping it up, with me fetching the old towels we keep for the dogs as there was so much of it. I walked out of the kitchen to fetch them, dripping water everywhere. I joke not, you would have thought I’d wet myself big style, it looked awful. I took my dripping self back to Kevin at the far end of the kitchen where the water by now was having a merry swim into the hall.

Wet to the skin

Hubby dear was nowhere to be seen and turned up at the last minute when all was restored. That’s a man for you, although Kevin also being a man did help! I was pushing my feet onto the towels to mop up the wet, while Kevin, when he knew that bleach was involved, went into overdrive and started doing a spring clean on the carpet. I slopped off to the bedroom to get rid of my sodden clothes.

It brings a whole new meaning to ‘wet through to the skin’ as I well and truly was. It all took some getting rid of I can tell you, but it was nice to get dry again. I did say to Kevin that I had wanted to give the kitchen floor ‘a good clean’ but I think he’d had enough by the time the floor was dry, so maybe another day who knows! Of course they all said ‘what has she done now’ as they are used to me falling about all over the place. I do seem to be accident prone. Maybe it’s time to bring out the cotton wool and wrap me up in it!

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