The Big Five O

The Big Five O

Blooming computers. Unbeknown to me, as I haven’t been on it this weekend, it’s decided to have the funny half hour. There was I, all ready to write about the Big Five O on Friday.

Of course, I rang for my sidekick Kevin to come and sort me out, as you do. Up to the living room he came, to find me ready to curse, as all I was staring at was a black screen. As in the lights are on but nobody’s at home (another Yorkshire saying). This means it should to all intents and purposes work, but wouldn’t!

By the third time of me ringing him to come and rescue me, after a lot of background clicking on this that and the other, it finally worked. He said that as it had been off for a while, all sorts of background things were happening as it caught up with them. No I didn’t get it either, although the computer was red hot when I picked it up. Apparently that’s a sign that a lot of work was going on, but he got me sorted on the understanding that it would be a bit sluggish until it got going. A bit like me then, I thought.

My first thought was what on earth do people do when they haven’t got a Kevin. My computer would probably have been in the dustbin a long time ago with the strange things that they do. So there I was, three quarters of an hour later, trying to catch you all up on the mad house that is home!

The Big Five O

Friday, as a lot of you will know, was Jane’s birthday, her big five O one, so a special one at that.

Kevin and I have had our heads together for the last few weeks as we sorted out what to buy her and where from. And the big thing, would she want what we did get. I can guarantee that she likes the complete opposite to what I do, which can be a bit tricky, don’t you think. If I say black, she says white about most things.

But anyway, after a lot of scheming, planning and organising, we eventually got to the point of no return. It was Friday lunch time with afternoon tea booked at The Venue for our friends.

Invite to the Big Five O
Invite to the Big Five O

We’d already been to the Dickens in the morning to our usual coffee group, so that sort of set the ball rolling with quite a bit of laughter as usual, but it did get us in the mood for the afternoon.

Would you believe, we were actually on time for once, as we mostly have to wait for our Kevin who is always late for everything. When we got there we were practically the first to arrive, which is a miracle! When everyone was there, they were told to organise a ring of chairs around the TV on the wall.

This is Your Life

Kevin had tirelessly gone round Jane’s friends asking them to video a birthday message for her. Some of them were so funny, it was hilarious.

Dave who is Jane’s partner in crime for the Rossall Group had put all the clips together to make one video with music etc. It started off with the This is Your Life theme tune which set us all off laughing. Some of the jokes that some of our lot were coming out with were hilarious. Brenda and Keith were cracking us up when they couldn’t concentrate for laughing but we got there after about the fiftieth take! Old friends, new friends, they were all there to make her birthday special. It was a roaring success, topped off with photos of Jane as she was a baby and then growing up.

A lovely day all round

The afternoon tea was very nice indeed and the surprise birthday cake went down a treat. Her dad had found out old photos going back to when she was three weeks old and made into a hard backed book as a memory of her first 50 years as she was growing up. He made her a sleeve with pretty pink roses on and it’s a lovely keepsake to look at in years to come.

Jane's 50th Birthday
Jane’s 50th Birthday

All in all, I think it was fair to say that we all had a good time, with friends enjoying each others company. By the time we left The Venue I think we all went home feeling very filled! It certainly was a lovely birthday, filled with memories to treasure forever. We also managed to get her presents that she really wanted, so that’s a wonder in itself.

Put it this way, we all slept well after all the rushing about that was done for the last minute preparations. Kevin went and collected her cake and took it to The Venue to be installed for when she came, along with doing a million other things. I can only say he was wonderful for all he did, what would we do without him I ask myself. I just feel blessed to have such a good family and good friends, long may it continue.

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