Beautiful Weather

Beautiful Weather

I thought that I’d better write a blog in case you all think I’ve gone to outer space or somewhere, as it is a while since I wrote one. I hope you’ve been enjoying this recent spell of beautiful weather.

We had a great bank holiday, wasn’t the weather gorgeous. We did some walking on the prom, sitting on the balcony enjoying the sunshine and just generally having a relaxing weekend. We were thanking our lucky stars that we didn’t have to make the long trek back to Yorkshire, with all the rest of the country setting off on the M55 as well!

We used to come every weekend before we actually moved here for good, and my was it tiring. We had to brave all the lunatic drivers, and believe me we had some close shaves with some of the awful drivers there were, along with the dreaded lights flashing on the gantrys, saying that there was an accident or hold up. When you are tired and hot, the last thing you want is to be stuck in a traffic jam for hours and we’ve had our share of those too, which is not funny at all. We kept saying how lucky we were not to have to keep doing that slog any more, bliss.

Beautiful Weather for a Bank Holiday Weekend

The beach and prom was absolutely packed last weekend as well. I’ve never seen the beach so full of people it must have broken the record!

Cleveleys Beach on Spring Bank Holiday Monday 31.5.18

The thing we liked were the amount of families on the beach, enjoying good old fashioned seaside family time and the beautiful weather. Sandcastles galore, paddling, swimming, cooking barbecues – it was all going on out there and a lovely sight to see so many people enjoying our beaches and prom.

Sandcastles on Cleveleys Beach in beautiful weather on Bank Holiday Monday
Sandcastles on Cleveleys Beach in beautiful weather on Bank Holiday Monday

We had a few laughs too at some of the antics people were getting up to as we walked on the beach, which by the way was far far hotter than it was on the prom.

Of course no walk on the beach would be complete without picking up bits of sea glass on the way. We have one big jar of them and another one well on the way to being filled up. It gets so addictive when you are on the beach and you see twinkling bits of coloured glass all pounded and smoothed until you would never know that they’d originally been broken pieces of glass.

All in all we had a really relaxing weekend, as I’m sure many of you will also have had. I must say I do love living at the seaside, it’s a dream come true for me.

New Sea Wall at Rossall

Jane was invited to go to the official opening of the new sea wall at Rossall so that’s why I was doing a sneaky blog while she wasn’t here. She’s banned me from doing one all week. Of course Bank Holiday stopped my usual Monday one and then I decided to be daft and not be very well. I won’t bore you with the details, but it sure made me feel rotten. So much so that I spent an afternoon in bed which I never do unless I am forced to. You know what it’s like when you have three people telling you to go and lie down, ignore them at your peril, especially Jane who does a good line in saying ‘mother go to bed now’ in her sternest voice and yes, she does have one when she needs to. It’s what I call her ‘controlling mum’ voice. Does anyone else know what I mean? Do you have someone who lays the law down?

I was looking forward to her coming back and filling us in on all the latest that happened at the opening of the new wall. She left home at about 10.40am and at 2pm still wasn’t back (she strolled in at 3pm). They were all meeting at the North Euston and being bussed to the prom (Jane was dreading that bit as she throws up if she even sees a bus) and then when that bit was done, back to the North Euston for a bun fight or something. I bet she has plenty to say on the subject and what beautiful weather it was for it too. They couldn’t have got better could they, a light breeze and wall to wall sunshine for the opening, what more could you want, especially as rain had been forecast earlier on in the week!

Beautiful weather for the opening of Rossall Sea Wall
Opening of Rossall Sea Wall

Blooming Awful Blister Packs

It really drives me mad when you can’t open a pill packet without doing contortions to get the blooming things out of the blister packs. Does anyone else out there have the same problem?

Foil ones are fine and they pop out easily, but the ones with a sort of thick paper backing are hopeless. I’ve broken more thumbnails trying to get tablets out which, as you could say I take quite a few a day, isn’t funny!

My thumb splits low down on the nail bed which isn’t funny so now I keep my thumb nails like Billy Bitten Nails, so short it’s ridiculous. Jane bought me a gadget to get them out but that was as bad as trying to do it yourself, so I just have to keep turning the air blue as I try to get at my medication.

I couldn’t even open a bottle of bleach the other day and had to ask Kevin to do it, as with hurting thumbs I couldn’t squeeze the cap to get it open. How people go on with some of these awkward ones to open I don’t know because not everyone has someone there to help them.

I don’t know what the answer is, but I bet someone out there can tell me an easy way to open a bleach bottle when you have to squeeze like mad to get into it! Please leave your answers below!

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