Beach clean day and what a glorious day for it

Beach clean day and what a glorious day for it

Yesterday was our beach clean day and what a glorious day for it. Apparently 74 people turned up, which was fantastic by any standards don’t you think.

Four of them went to the planter to give it a good tidy up and to move the heaps of sand that had piled up on the sides. Somebody had brought a wheelbarrow but left the ladies to move the sand, about a dozen barrow loads I believe. All I can say is they must have strong backs as I couldn’t have moved one shovelful, weakling that I am.

Beach clean day and what a glorious day for it

Beach clean day and what a glorious day for it

Beach clean day and what a glorious day for it

A team of 14 people also came along from Virgin Media in Manchester, and by all accounts they really enjoyed their morning at the beach.

Beach clean day and what a glorious day for it
Virgin Media staff beach cleaning

Then most of us trooped to The Venue for coffee or stayed for lunch, which we did. Kevin followed on much later as he was so busy. It was wonderful because we sat outside at the side of The Venue to eat and for once the sunshine was fantastic.

We of course made our usual noise so maybe it was a good job we were isolated or they might have thought we were all drunk! I moved my chair so that I could sun bathe when I’d eaten. My, their chips are sooooo good.

As usual there were about ten different conversations going on, then when Kevin finally turned up he was met by ‘he’s here’. Things did liven up when he started, but not as bad as usual as we’d all finished eating and he was just starting on his steak and kidney pudding!

Beach clean day and what a glorious day for it

It was so nice for me not to have to get a meal ready or wash up, although Kevin does his fair share of washing up. He actually enjoys washing the pots for some weird reason so I’m not complaining about that one! Unlike our other friends who are retired, we got home and started working, they were in the office while I was doing this. The trouble is, I’m like a pig that’s been fed and wanted to go to sleep now while I was typing so it’s a good job I wasn’t driving anywhere or I would end up in a field! Still, it was a nice way to start the week off with our friends, which can’t be bad can it.

How the weekends whizz by

So that’s another weekend been and gone isn’t it, how they whizz by. We went to Cleveleys on Saturday afternoon as it was such a lovely day, along with lots of other people who wanted a day out at the seaside.

It’s lovely to see the town so busy but if only, and here I go again, the council would provide more seats, especially outside the WH Smith’s area. I was gasping to sit down and rest my painful legs but no hope of that as there is just one bench there, and not even a double. As a result I stood there like a lot of other people, hoping the people on the bench would go so that I could rest my legs. But no, they were there for the afternoon by the look of things, so tough! Every time the subject is brought up we get a load of excuses and twaddle from the council about how they can’t possibly put any there. The trouble is, the answers change every time you ask, so I can but keep on hoping.

Sunday afternoon was a greyer day at lunchtime so we decided to give the dogs a good haircut. They have long thick coats and as Koko has a heart problem it’s much better to keep him cool which puts less strain on him.

As soon as Jane got the dust sheet out for the table, Muffin started whirling round like a dervish as he wanted to go on the table and get some treats for keeping still, the crafty little monkey!

We did Koko first as he’s much more sedate and just sits there without a fuss. By the time Jane had finished using the clippers he looked like another dog, a lot younger might I add and a lot cooler no doubt! I’m not allowed to use the hair clippers as I think she thinks I’ll bald him in one spot and leave it long in another, so there she was like Sweeney Todd running amok with the electric clippers.

Then it was Muffin’s turn who is a totally different character to Koko. It was a bit like going through a ploughed field as his coat is so thick and long but with the temptation to sit still in the form of tiny tiny bits of treats, eventually they were both finished.

I don’t know who was traumatised more, the dogs or Jane, as she is always glad when the deed is done and she can relax again. We were helped by Derek who had to hold Muffin, usually it is Kevin but he was very busy so we had himself doing the deed. This was after being threatened that he hadn’t got to grumble and moan like he usually does, so eventually the dogs and Derek all behaved. Phew, thank goodness for that, nobody bleeding or screaming, can’t be bad!!

Jane had bought a plastic storage box which she hadn’t yet filled so we used that for the hair that was cut off. Kevin came in the room at tea time and said ‘how long has Muffin been asleep in a box in the kitchen?’

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