Bank Holiday Weather

Bank Holiday Weather

It turned out to be pretty typical Bank Holiday weather, didn’t it. Well, according to my husband, Saturday was going to be fine all day while I said it was going to rain in the afternoon. ‘Oh no it’s not’ he said. ‘oh yes it is’ I said with both of us sounding as though we were on a pantomime stage. He wouldn’t have it at all, even when I said that the weather I’d watched on TV said rain Saturday afternoon and Sunday.

This pantomime show had come about because Kevin had asked what the weather was going to do, as he wanted to cut the grass. So there I was saying do it in the morning not the afternoon, as it’s going to rain, while hubby was saying you’ll be ok in the afternoon. After a lot of joking about, Kevin decided to cut the grass in the morning while it was sunny, so off he went, doing the deed.

Guess who was right about the weather, yes me. Because after lunch when the sky had gone very dull and the sea and horizon looked very grey, it started to rain. I was shouting out ‘it’s raining, who was right’ while hubby still kept saying it wasn’t forecast and would be fine. Even when it started to rain heavily the poor lad still looked bemused as his trust in the weather forecasters was rapidly disappearing.

Wet Bank Holiday Weather

We had lots of heavy rain in the night on Saturday into Sunday, thank goodness say the gardens, then sunshine with a fairly strong wind. Hubby and Kevin decided to take some rubbish to the skip with the rest of Cleveleys, after Kevin had got his ‘tidy out the garage’ head on. I went downstairs and there they were moving cardboard, pieces of wood and goodness knows what into the back of the car. By this time it was lovely and sunny so again we had another discussion about the forecast for the weather. There I was saying it was supposed to be poor and rainy weather while hubby went back into his ‘oh no it’s not’ routine. ‘I’ve seen them on the TV saying it’s going to be sunny’ he said.

By this time I was losing the will to live, so I let him believe he was always right and packed them off to the skip. Jane was upstairs and heard the car start up so she went rushing downstairs shouting ‘I didn’t know they were going now, I want some rubbish taking’ but by this time they had scarpered before they got lumbered with more rubbish. We’d got a bet on they’d have diverted to Lidl, but on this occasion that bet was wrong too. Life in our house is never straightforward but certainly lively!

Standing Room Only

It looks like most people had seen the sun come out and come down to our end of the prom for some free parking and a sea view. It was ‘standing room only’ up the end of the cul-de-sac as more and more people kept coming. I keep wondering where they are all going as there is only a certain amount of parking.

Our two men came back from the skip via Cleveleys High Street, although how they managed to go down there while coming back from the skip at Fleetwood is a bit of a mystery to me. Had lost their way as they quite easily do? Although having lived here for many years they shouldn’t have, although if you know my two, anything is possible. Or, more likely, had they had decided to to do a nosey detour to see what was happening.

Buskers are Back

It seems that the brilliant band that plays a kind of folk jazz music with saxophones, trumpets and all the rest had come back in spite of the complaints from certain people, so I hope they don’t start again complaining again about the noise. If you’ve never heard them you are missing something really good as they are superb. It’s proper street music at its best, I think anyway.

There was no sign of the Continental market which is a shame, but it turned into a bit of a fiasco. The first day (Thursday) hardly any of them turned up in spite of nineteen stalls having booked. The day after a few more had come but it seems that there was a sort of double booking as some were in London and had got held up there. Plus the Council didn’t seem to have advertised it anywhere, with no signs in the High Street or anything (which was probably just as well as it turned out). On top of that the weather was poor, so I bet they thought they’d had enough and went off to pastures new and I can’t say I blame them. Anyway, it wasn’t the Council’s fault that it was a wash out and hopefully there will be another one later in the year with the event operator being more organised!

Street busking should also be encouraged to make the High Street livelier. It’s a shame that a tiny few are stopping it. People come to a place where they love the atmosphere which street music gives. I think the licensing department at the council should listen to the people who shop in Cleveleys and the traders and not a mere couple of people who complain, but that’s me for you. A bit of tolerance goes a long way and after all, they are only playing for a short while on an odd day, not from morning to night.

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